The products sold on PHENIX AIRSOFT / AS IMPORT benefit guarantees manufacturers. You will find the warranty period on each product. In case of failure during the warranty period, thank you to contact the customer service:


The warranty does not apply to compensation for damage resulting from a causeexternal to the device (for example, accident, shock, lightning, a power fluctuation ...) or a fault of the customer resulting for example from a job or not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications Installation , harmful use of the good preservation of the unit, a commercial or collective nature use, the use of peripherals, accessories or unsuitable materials.


The guarantees of the marketed products do not cover:

- Replacement of consumables,

- Abnormal or improper product use. We invite you in this respectto read carefully the instruction manual supplied with the products,

- Faults associated with accessories (power cables, battery, battery charger ...)

- Batteries and battery chargers included with the replicas.

- Defects and their consequences due to the intervention of an unauthorized repair shop

- Defects and their consequences related to improper use for the purpose for which the product is intended (professional, collective ...)

- Defects and their consequences related to any external cause.

- The damage resulting from adaptations or adjustments (other than normal operating adjustments) made to the equipment provided by the Insured without the written agreement of the manufacturer

- Expenses following periodic maintenance, repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;

- Transportation costs of materials directly or indirectly related to the guarantee of these materials.



If unsupported repair, Phenix Airsoft draw up an estimate.


Administrative fees will be charged by PHENIX AIRSOFT / AS IMPORT in case of non-payment of this estimate and will be claimed from the user before the return of his camera. The return of the unit will also be charged at the current rate.


AssumingAfter Sales Service finds it impossible to repair during the term of the warranty a device and / or if it is no longer manufactured or sold in the market, Phenix Airsoft reimburse the device's price (excluding fees transportation) with allowance of obsolescence, given the age of the device, minus lump sums below:


• in the first three months of the invoice date: Refund 100%.

• in the 3rd to 6th month included: Refund 75%

• during the 6th to12th included: Refund 50%