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Duty One Airsoft Replica

A short history of the STI Duty One

STI International has a well-established reputation for providing state-of-the-art pistols. This firearms manufacturer is best known for its 2011 and 1911 series pistols. All of STI's pistols feature high quality parts and are among the most affordable on the market.

One of STI's most popular 1911 series pistols is the Duty One. Its simple, rugged design fits perfectly with its name and is suitable for any mission. All Duty One 1911s are available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The Duty One handguns each feature a standard width forged steel frame that uses STI's new Picatinny rail system. This extra rail allows you to add a light or laser without making the gun too bulky or heavy.

STI Duty One airsoft specifications 

The ASG Duty One is a near perfect airsoft replica of the real Duty One 1911. The only noticeable difference is the trigger, which is not at all the same on the ASG replica and the real Duty One 1911 pistol. Regardless, ASG has done a remarkable job with the design. Indeed, while the frame is made entirely of polymer, all other operating parts are made of heavy-duty metal, including the slide lock, the manually operated safety catch, and the magazine.  Fit and finish, like all ASG airsoft guns, are excellent.

Although the rear sight is adjustable, you won't need to use it too often. In fact, the ASG STI Duty One airsoft replica is a precision model. Finally, the ASG STI Duty One airsoft trigger is nice and light due to its realistic blowback system. The pull is quite long, but the quick release makes up for that. This Airsfot replica handgun is single-action, which means you have to cock the hammer or operate the slide in order to fire.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix Airsoft, there is only one Airsoft variant of the STI Duty One. This is the ASG STI Duty One, a black model that is 220 mm long and weighs about 800 g. Of course, it has a metal and ABS finish. Although the Hop Up is adjustable, the breech is fixed. On the performance side, the ASG STI Duty One is equipped with a 15 ball magazine that can be emptied thanks to 1.5 joules of power and a velocity of 400 FPS.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft

As far as the operating mechanism is concerned, the only variant of the ASG STI Duty One airsfot works with a C0² system.  With a 12g bulb of CO2, you will be able to make 80 shots, which is pretty good for a single action airsoft replica.