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Mauser M712 Co2 Airsoft Replica

Short historical presentation of the Mauser M712

The Mauser M712 is a selective fire military handgun, generally known by the German name "Schnellfeuer". In the United States, this weapon was marketed under the name "Model 712, hence the current designation of M172. The M712 was curiously developed in 1933, at a time when submachine guns were very well established, but Mauser engineers decided to tinker with the mechanism of the brand's older model submachine gun, the C96, to design a mini-machine gun.

From 1933 to 1936, nearly 100,000 M712 automatic pistols were produced, generating a substantial profit for Mauser The M712 was almost entirely for export, but its use by the Germans was limited during World War II.

Specifics of the Mauser M712 Airsoft

Although there is a large amount of plastic on the outside of the Mauser M712 airsoft replicas, all the parts inside and the other components are all metal, which gives them a fairly substantial weight, approaching the real Mauser M172 all steel. Thus, the grip of the M712 airsoft replicas is immediate and pleasant. In addition, the plastic handle has a very well executed woodgrain effect, perhaps the best simulated wood you can find on an airsoft handgun.

With the M712 replicas you get what you'd expect from a true single action airsoft gun, thanks in part to a smooth and relatively light trigger release. Of course, in automatic mode, just hold the trigger down until the ammo runs out. The Mauser M712 replicas prove to be relatively accurate, at least after some adjustments, including sight adjustment.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix Airsoft, you can choose between three variants of the Mauser M712 airsoft: one from the Galaxy brand, one from the KWC brand and another from the HFC brand. The KWC Mauser M712/C96 airsoft gun features an all-metal design, 296mm length, 900g weight, 1.8 joules of power, 435 FPS velocity and a magazine capacity of 22 rounds. The airsoft HFC Mauser M712/C96, meanwhile, has the same dimensions as the KWC variant. On the other hand, this replica has a magazine with a capacity of 29 balls, weighs 1200 g and is much less powerful than the KWC model. Indeed, its power is 1.3 joules for a velocity of about 380 FPS. Finally, the Galaxy Mauser M712 variant offers only a 10 ball magazine, with a fixed breech and Hop Up, and a metal/ABS design. Note also that this Galaxy-made replica deploys only 0.2 joules of power, for a velocity of 200 FPS.