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Historical presentation of the SIG SG 552

The SG 552 is a member of the SG 550 family of assault rifles. This weapon was originally manufactured by SIG, now Swis Arms (SG being an abbreviation of Stunrmgewehr, or "Assault Rifle"). The SG 552 is considered the best 5.56mm rifle ever made.

The SG 552 was introduced to the market in 1998. It has a 226mm shorter barrel than the original SG 550 and features a gas tube, vented handguards and a redesigned bolt carrier group integrated with the piston rod to form a unique all-mobile assembly. The SG 552 series rifles have a sighting radius of 3369 mm. The recoil mechanism has been moved to the rear of the receiver housing and its recoil spring is guided in the same manner as the AK-47. Like the SG 550 and 551, the Model 552 can accept rails and accessories such as a light or scope.

A long-barreled version of the SG 552, known as the SG 552 LB, includes a 346mm barrel. The SG 552 models were discontinued in 2008 and replaced by the SG 553.

Specificities of the SIG SG 552 Airsoft

The SIG SG 552 airsoft benefits from excellent ergonomics for ease of handling. It should be taken into account that the front barrel is very short. Thus, the range of this weapon is rather short, so if you're looking for an airsoft weapon for hunting, skip it. On the other hand, for the others, you will appreciate the design of the handle. Indeed, it is arranged in the same way as on AK-47 replicas, for easy access to the hop-up unit. The replica also has a rail on which a PEQ-2 laser box can be placed.

The SIG SG 552 replica is accurate, after some adjustments. For a replica of this size, the power of the SIG SG 552 airsoft is relatively satisfactory.

What are the different SIG SG 552 Airsoft replicas available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix Airsoft, you will find only one replica of the SIG SG 552. The Cyma SIG 552 is a black replica that weighs 2 kg. It comes with a silencer, a laser and benefits from a tactical handle. The capacity of its magazine is 250 balls. If the breech is fixed, the hop up is adjustable. It should be noted that the battery is specific to this replica. You will not be able to use traditional batteries for AEG and AEP. Now, let's talk about the performance of this replica Cyma SIG 552. You will get a power of 0.5 joule. With this power, you will get a rate of fire oscillating between 150 and 180 FPS.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

The SIG SG 552 Airsoft replica available on Phénix Airsoft benefits from an electric operating system.

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