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M249 Airsoft Replicas

Historical presentation of the M249

The M249 is an automatic machine gun manufactured by FN. The design of the M249 was largely inspired by the FN Minimi machine gun series. The M249 was for a very long time used by the armed forces of the United States during many conflicts, in particular the invasion of Panama, the Gulf war, but also during American interventions in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in Afghanistan and in Iraq . It should be noted that the M249 was designed to replace the M16A1 rifle.

The M249 is a gas powered automatic weapon with an air cooling system. The specificity of this weapon lies in the fact that it has a gas regulator to modify the speed of fire. Thus, the firing speed can be set at 750 rpm or 1000 rpm. Another specificity of the M249, it has, like most machine guns, a detachable barrel and the weapon is often delivered with a bipod.

Specifics of the M249 Airsoft

It must be admitted, the airsoft replica of the M249 is a carbon copy of the real steel rifle in terms of design. The dimensions of the weapon are very similar to the original, but the replica remains lighter due to the manufacturing materials composed of plastics and metal. We are therefore entitled here to a faithful and very convincing replica. The weight should not be a prohibitive criterion for the purchase of the airsoft replica M249. The weapon is solid and benefits from an excellent quality of finish. Compared to other airsoft machine gun replicas, the M249 is quite heavy, but the weight will not be felt too much thanks to an excellent balance of the whole.

The airsoft replica of the M249 also benefits from good ergonomics. We particularly appreciate the layout and the coating of the handle. The parts of this replica are made of high quality metal. Thus, this replica displays more than adequate performance, and the shooting accuracy is satisfactory.

What are the different M249 replicas available on Phoenix Airsoft?

On Phenixairsoft, you can choose from a dozen airsoft replicas of the M249, including A&K, Jing Gong, Classic Army and AGM/S&T replicas.

A&K Replicas

The Phenix airsoft catalog contains four airsoft replicas of the M249.

First of all, there are two variants of the Cyma M14 Socom, one black and the other OD. They have almost the same characteristics, namely a length of 950 mm and a weight of 3.5 kg. The magazine has a capacity of 450 balls and they benefit from an adjustable hop up for a fixed cylinder head. There are also two classic variants, including the Cyma M14 Black and the Cyma M14 OD. They have the same specifications, namely a length of 1130 mm, a weight of 4 kg and a magazine with a capacity of 400 balls. These two variants deploy a power of 1.4 joules. Finally, you will also find in the Phenix airsoft catalog the Cyma M14 EBR Black variant. This is a much heavier variant than the previous four. Indeed, it weighs 5.4 kg.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the client's site

All Cyma replicas of the M14 Airsoft available on Phenix airsoft operate using an electrical mechanism.