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Uzi Airsoft Replicas

Historical presentation of the Uzi submachine gun

The Uzi submachine gun is one of the most recognizable weapons of the post-war era. It was designed to be a simple and affordable weapon. In doing so, it became a commercial success and a true legend among post-war small arms.

The history of the Uzi dates back to 1948 and the birth of the State of Israel. Declared a nation in May 1948, the young country immediately decided to create its own arms industry. In 1952, an Israeli lieutenant of German origin, Uziel Gal, patented a new model of machine gun, the Uzi. This machine gun has a short, compact barrel with a metal stock folded over the upper receiver. It uses a simple flashback system and has two firing modes, automatic and semi-automatic.

The Uzi has many advantages that made it an effective machine gun. First, it uses stamped parts, which facilitated its mass production. Second, the position of the magazine in the middle of the weapon made it well balanced, much like a pistol. Contrary to popular belief, the Uzi was not the standard weapon of the Israeli infantry. The weapon's short range, with a maximum range of only 200 meters, makes it useful in urban combat areas, but it is much less to its advantage in open, hilly combat areas.

Features of the Uzi Airsoft submachine gun

Generally, the build quality of Uzi Airsoft replicas is excellent. We appreciate the very good quality of manufacture and the abundance of metal parts. This reinforces the realism of the Uzi Airsoft gun. This replica has a good weight, a good fit and an excellent finish. Most of the gun is made of metal, except for some parts like the external receiver and the grips, which are made of polymer.

The action of the Blowback system is incredibly firm, which adds to the realism of this airsoft weapon. In short, the Uzi Airsoft is a carbon copy of the real steel weapon, thanks in part to many of the markings found on the replica.

What are the different replicas of the Uzi Airsoft machine gun available on Phénix Airsoft?

There is only one variant of the Uzi Airsoft submachine gun on Phenixairsoft. It is the KWC UZI Blowback. This replica is based on a 6 mm caliber. It is black, has a mobile breech and an adjustable hop up. Its magazine has a capacity of 40 balls. The KWC UZI Blowback is quite heavy, as it weighs 2.2 kg for a maximum length of 595 mm. The KWC UZI Blowback offers excellent performance thanks to a power of 1.4 joules.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

The Uzi Airsoft replica available on Phenix airsoft works with a CO² mechanism.