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MP5 Airsoft Replicas

Historical presentation of the H&K MP5

The MP5-type airsoft SMG is a 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun, developed in the 1960s by a team of engineers from German small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (H&K). There are over 100 variations of the MP5, including semi-automatic versions.

The MP5 type airsoft SMG is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world. Indeed, it is adopted by 0 countries and many armed, law enforcement and intelligence forces. The MP5 was widely used by United States SWAT teams, but was superseded by AR-15 variants in the early 21st century. The MP5 has been the favorite teardrop of heroes and villains in many films and television series for decades. In 1999, Heckler & Kock developed the H&K UMP to succeed the MP5. Both are still available today.

Specificities of the MP5 Airsoft submachine gun

There are many Airsoft models of the H&K MP5. Each new model brings improvements and updates, with the aim of being as close as possible to the original steel version. So, the newest MP5 Airsoft is made from premium materials to improve detail, weight and durability. Typically, the bottom base of MP5 Airsoft replicas is made entirely of high-strength reinforced polymer. The buttstock, lower base and foregrip, meanwhile, are all made from the same tough polymer and have been textured to allow for easier grip. With the exception of the upper base body, all remaining parts are made of aluminum alloy that is as strong as it is light.

What are the different MP5 Airsoft submachine gun replicas available on Phoenix Airsoft?

On Phenix airsoft, there are nine replicas of the MP5 Airsoft submachine gun, including four Cyma variants and two Galaxy variants.

Cyma variants

The four Cyma variants available on Phenix airsoft are the MP5 RIS Blowback Full Metal stock UMP, the MP5 RIS Full Metal, the MP5 SD6 Blowback Full Metal and the MP5J Blowback Full Metal. These variants differ from each other in length and weight. They all have a long-axis motor and benefit from a metal and ABS design.

Galaxy variants

As for the Galaxy variants, the Galaxy MP5K is black, is 300mm long, weighs 2.2kg and has a 250 bb capacity magazine. On the performance side, the MP5K deploys a power of 1.2 joules for a velocity of 340 FPS. The Galaxy MP5K PDW measures a maximum of 635mm thanks to the adjustable hop up. This variant is heavier (2.5 kg), but has the same performance as the Galaxy MP5K. These two Airsoft replicas of the MP5 work with a short axis motor.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the client's site

You should know that all the Airsoft replicas of the H&K MP5 available on Phenix airsoft work thanks to an electrical mechanism.