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  • Inner Barrels

    The Canon accuracy improves the efficiency of shooting your reply, it comes in several types of diameters and sizes. You want to upgrade your reliable or go to Fast replica among the different types of Canon accuracy. Phoenix Airsoft offers several Canon models specific to Canon Precision AEG, GBB Canon, Canon GBBR, Sniper Canon, Canon Shotgun. Allowing you to make your choice according to performance and optimization that you want to assign to your reply. Further barrel part of the range ofairsoft internals.

  • Hop-up

    The Hop Up category includes both, the product range hop up chamber and seal hop up. A good room will hop up, without increasing power, better sealing, thereby increasing the scope and accuracy. The ball will receive the compressed air in larger quantities, but with the same power, and will be uniformly guided into the barrel. A good seal hop up is defined by the material from which it is manufactured. The higher the quality, the more the effect will be clear and precise without being obliged to the maximum setting. If the weight of the ball is well chosen, it usually suffices to just mount it so that the effect is optimal.

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