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Réplique Savaging Bull Airsoft

Short history of Savaging Bull Airsoft

HFC is an airsoft manufacturer specializing in gas, CO2 and spring powered airsoft guns. When it comes to high-quality and inexpensive metal gas rejection airsoft guns, HFC offers many high-performance models that cost much less than high-end airsoft guns. This is the case with the Savaging Bull airsoft revolver.

Features of the Savaging Bull Airsoft

The HFC Savaging Bull airsoft replica works like a real .357 semi-automatic revolver. Simply load the bullets inside the included shells and then load the shells into the revolver. By pulling the trigger or cocking the hammer, the cylinder rotates each time. When you run out of shells, take out the shells and reload. The impeccable level of craftsmanship that HFC puts into this airsoft revolver is reflected in its flawless finish and operation. At all levels, this airsoft revolver is a must-have if you want to perfect your shooting skills. Moreover, HFC has manufactured all the mechanical parts in metal alloy making this item fully compatible with ecological gases. In short, it's the realism that really sets this airsoft handgun apart.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

At Phenix Airsoft, five variants of the HFC Savaging Bull Airsoft are available.

The two HFC Savaging Bull M10 variants

The HFC Savaging Bull M10 variants are distinguished by a length of 240 mm, a weight of 430 g and a polymer composition. Each HFC Savaging Bull M10 revolver also features a 6-round magazine, a fixed breech and a fixed Hop Up. Finally, on the performance side, each variant of the HFC Savaging Bull M10 deploys a power of 0.6 joules for a velocity of 250 FPS. The two variants are differentiated by their color, with one replica in black and the other in silver.

The two HFC Savaging Bull 6" variants

The two variants of the HFC Savaging Bull 6" are the longest replicas available on Phenixairsoft. In fact, the HFC Savaging Bull 6" airsoft handguns are 290mm long and weigh 580g. This heavier weight is due to the metal and polymer composition of the replicas. The magazine capacity here is always 6 rounds and the breech and the Hop Up are fixed. The HFC Savaging Bull 6" variants are also available in black and silver. Finally, the performance of the HFC Savaging Bull 6" is almost the same as that of the HFC Savaging Bull M10.

The HFC Savaging Bull 4" variant

Finally, among the variants available on Phenixairsoft, we find the HFC Savaging Bull 4" which is a small airsoft revolver measuring 240 mm, but which still weighs 650 g. This 4" variant is therefore heavier than the 6" variants. This variant has a mobile breech and an adjustable Hop Up. Its finish is metal and polymer and it is black. In terms of performance, the HFC Savaging Bull 4" has the same characteristics as the HFC Savaging Bull M10, i.e. 0.6 joules of power for 250 FPS.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft

It is important to know that HFC airsoft revolvers are all gas powered. Furthermore, it is recommended that the airsoft gas used contain silicone oil, as this will prevent the rubber seals of the valves from drying out. Applying an occasional drop of silicone oil directly to the intake valve is also a good idea.