Revolver Gaz M10 Noir (HFC HG131B1)

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HFC Revolver type S&W M10 de couleur noir et imitation Bois. Revolver à cartouche et barillet mobile. Réplique à Gaz canon Métal et crosse en Nylon.

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Chronopost and Colissimo

Fiche Technique :

Fabricant : HFC

Type : Revolver avec 6 cartouches modèle S&w M10

Désignation : HG 132

Matière : Métal / Nylon

Couleur : Noir et Imitation Bois

Poids : 650 g

Longueur : 185 mm

Hop up : Oui, Fixe

Energie : Gaz

Puissance : 1 - 1.2 Joules

Chargeur : 6 cartouches / 6 coups

Revolver Magnum
Recommended gas depending on temperature
130 PSI / Ultrair / Protech / H&K Umarex / Nuprol 2.0

HFC, a prestigious brand of airsoft, was created in 2004 and has specialized in the manufacture of AIR SOFT GUNS for nearly 30 years. With its experience and unwavering passion for this dynamic sport, this company has distinguished itself by offering high quality products appreciated by players around the world. 

By taking an innovative approach and focusing on customer satisfaction, HFC quickly established itself as a leader in the airsoft industry. Thanks to the commitment of its talented team, the brand has developed a varied range of airsoft guns that meet the expectations of players of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced players. 

HFC’s success is based on two key factors: quality and innovation. By using sustainable materials and incorporating advanced technologies, HFC guarantees the reliability and precision of its products. In addition, the brand continues to explore new avenues of research to offer players increasingly immersive and realistic gaming experiences. 

Over the years, HFC has established strong partnerships with airsoft experts, including professional players and renowned teams. These collaborations have allowed the brand to continuously improve its products according to the needs and requirements of the field. Thus, each HFC airsoft gun is designed to offer an optimal level of performance, allowing players to meet all the challenges and experience intense moments on the field. 

As a committed brand, HFC also pays special attention to safety and compliance with international standards. Each airsoft gun is subjected to rigorous testing before being marketed, ensuring safe use for players. 

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