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At Phenix Airsoft, our goal is to offer our customers a wide selection of airsoft replicas. List in different categories, you will find a wide and comprehensive range of aeg electric replicas, replica gas, also called GBBR, sniper rifles springs, shotguns, still a bargain concurence.

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  • Assault / LMG / DMR

    TheAEG airsoft replicasare replicas of handguns that work with beads. The principle AEG airsoft replicas is to eject the balls burst through an electrical system. The advantage AEG airsoft replica comes both because they have a large capacity for autonomy and the fact that they are suitable for sustained use. It is possible to vary the power of AEG airsoft replicas by changing the spring. Phenix Airsoft offers several models of AEG airsoft replicas. Some AEG airsoft replicas, benefit from a foldable and adjustable stock, others have a tactile grip, others have a trajectory control. Your new AEG airsoft replica from the choice therefore AEG airsoft replicas that is offered by Phenix Airsoft.

  • Air Spring Rifles

    The long spring replicas replica weapons that work with beads. The principle of long replicas spring is to eject the balls piecemeal through a weapons system. It is possible to vary the power ofAEG airsoft replicasby changing the spring. Phenix Airsoft offers several models of long spring replicas. Some of the replicas have long spring ofAirsoft Accessoriesand a path controller. Your new spring long reply to you provided by Phenix Airsoft.

  • Sniper Rifle - Sniper

    Airsoft sniper rifles are precision rifles for snipers or sniper. Airsoft sniper rifle replicas allow, through scopes to draw extremely precise and long distance. The sniper is an important member of the airsoft team. The material reserved for that sniper must be of good quality. Phenix offers two types Airsoft replicaairsoft sniper rifles. You will thus find the replica airsoft sniper rifles spring and replicas gas airsoft sniper rifles. If you do not yet have snipers equipment, Airsoft Phenix offers delivery of different replica airsoft sniper rifle, along with scopes, a bipod and a ball feeder. Sniper rifles airsoft models, left alone, however, remain accessible.

  • Airsoft Shotguns

    Replicasairsoft guns pumpare replicas that are used for close shots. Indeed, replica guns airsoft pump are not really suited to long range precision shooting. Replicas of airsoft shotguns can throw more balls simultaneously. Replicas of airsoft shotguns are particularly suited to manual reloading. Various models of airsoft shotguns replicas are offered by Phenix Airsoft.

  • Gas Airsoft Pistols

    The gas pistol replicas replicas are automatic or semi automatic. We distinguish different categories of gas pistol replicas. A gas pistol replica can be GBB replica (replicagas airsoft gunautomatic or semiautomatic whose shot causes a recoil effect), a NBB (replica replica gun semi-automatic airsoft gas, the gas is only used to drive the balls), a replica CO2 (gas airsoft gun replica whose head may be mobile and the power may be very high). Depending on your approach to the game, your new replica airsoft gun gas necessarily found in one or other of the various categories proposed by Phenix Airsoft.

  • Co2 Airsoft Pistols

    ReplicasCO2 airsoft gunare designated as the most powerful aftershocks. For the use of a CO2 airsoft gun, the use of CO2 is required. CO2 is capable of raising the level of accuracy of the shot. CO2 airsoft gun replicas replicas are automatic or semi-automatic. There is no need to reload the CO2 airsoft gun after each shot. Phenix Airsoft pistol offers different models of CO2 airsoft. Your choice for a new airsoft gun CO2 can move towards a CO2 airsoft pistol ASG, an airsoft gun Umarex CO2 or CO2 airsoft pistol Cybergun.

  • Pistolet à Gaz - Gaz
  • WWII

    During the Second World War, weapons such as the M1A1 Thompson in the STG44, the MP40, the luger whose three barrel lengths and other weapons were used. Phenix Airsoft brings good number of models for airsoft players or reconstructions of historic battles.

  • Grenade Launchers

    Airsoft Grenade Launcher uses as greandes 40mm projectile. There airsoft grenade launchers binding to replicas and other such as GLM RPG and M79 are exclusively grenade launcher Airsoft replica. They may be available in metal or Abs by model. Phoenix Airsoft offers different models of Lance airsoft grenades so choose the one that suits you best.

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