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Répliques MP7 Airsoft

The MP7 is an Advanced Personal Defense Weapon (APDW) machine pistol designed to bridge the gap between the conventional machine pistol and the assault rifle. APDWs are intended to provide troops not directly employed in combat with a significant return fire capability. Officers, tank crews, or artillery personnel do not need to carry an assault rifle, but they must be able to deal with an unexpected attack and defeat opponents equipped with flak jackets that can stop a handgun round.

The MP7 is Heckler & Koch's answer to this demand. It is the second weapon put into production to meet this requirement, the first being the FN P90 from FN Herstal. The idea is to propose a light weapon firing a specific small caliber ammunition with a high muzzle velocity. The MP7 thus fires an original ammunition, the latest version of which is equipped with a 4.6 mm steel projectile with a mass of 2 grams that leaves the barrel at 720 meters per second and is capable of perforating a helmet or a bullet-proof vest up to a distance of at least 200 meters. In a 2003 presentation, the ammunition was said to have pierced the standard CRISAT armour (consisting of twenty plies of Kevlar behind a 1.6 mm titanium plate) at a distance of 300 metres, which is three times the NATO requirement at the time.

The weapon itself is constructed of steel reinforced polymer for the frame. The 20-shot magazine (30- and 40-shot magazines are available) is located in the grip. The MP7 is equipped with a second folding handle in the front and a telescopic stock in the rear. The weapon which is particularly light can thus be fired with one hand like a large pistol because of the low recoil of its ammunition, with two hands thanks to the two pistol grips or even as a long gun with the folded stock. This weapon is therefore particularly versatile, it can compete with compact machine pistols like the MP5K up to short-barreled assault rifles.

Its gas mechanism is a reduced version of the HK G36, which is very rare for a machine pistol usually operated by recoil. The weapon shoots with a locked bolt, which favors the accuracy of the shot since it does not move before the shot.

Very compact, this airsoft replica is ideal for building games.