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TAR 21 Airsoft Replicas

The Tavor (a reference to Mount Tabor) is an Israeli assault rifle manufactured by IMI in the hope of replacing the M16 and M4 currently equipping the IDF. A first order of about 15,000 Tavors was placed in 2003. Eventually, this modern assault rifle could be adopted by the Tsahal as a replacement for its M16/M4. A $20 million export contract has also been signed with India and, according to some rumours, the Tavor has been tested in Croatia.

The Tavor is based on a bullpup design. The advantage of this system is that the weapon is considerably smaller without limiting the size of its barrel, and thus retains good accuracy and power. In order for both right and left handed shooters to use the weapon, a simple disassembly allows to change the side where the ejection window is located.

The cartridge of this assault rifle is the 5,56 mm NATO, used by almost all western weapons of this category, placed in a curved magazine containing thirty rounds. These are standard STANAG-30c magazines, the same as those of the American M-4, which is particularly useful for the Israeli army which uses them. Its mechanism works by gas borrowing.

The Tavor is made of plastic polymer materials which make it lighter, and the standard model is equipped with a firing aid optic, by default a "red dot" laser designator: the ITL MARS sight, or a KIMBER MEPRO reflex sight, replacing the classic iron sights.
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