SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
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SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor
SEO Ares Tar 21 DE Type Tavor

Tar-21 / T21 Proline Desert (Ares)

€279.90 279.90

Replica electric ABS and Metal with Adjustable Hop Up and M4 type charger (130 balls).

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Chronopost and Colissimo


Designed in the 1990s in close collaboration with the Israeli army, the TAVOR is a rifle that is distributed to the IDF security forces in the year 2003. Particularly appreciated by the soldiers because extremely efficient and accurate, it comes in several versions and is intended to replace the GALIL rifle in the Israeli army.

The reply

Big bet than adapting the last of the Israeli arsenals to the world of airsoft and it is Ares who has stuck with the talent and brio inherent in the brand.

Entirely made of premium polymer (ABS), the rifle is a Bull pup, that is to say that the gearbox is behind the charger and trigger assembly as on the FAMAS. This system has a very big advantage since it allows to have a very long internal gun and therefore a high accuracy for a replica of the size of an M4.

This rifle is equipped with a hop-up system accessible from the "dust cover" (the latter remains in the open position to facilitate the setting of the Hop Up when pulling on the cocking lever). The replica has a button under the butt that allows to close the "dust cover" and thus avoid small inconvenience related to dust. Weighing more than 3.5 kilos, the AEG is very well balanced and the weight is forgotten as soon as it is supported.

The rifle uses standard M4 / M16 magazines (supplied with 1 x 130 ball magazine) and has 1 side rail at the front and an upper rail to allow the adaptation of a red dot. The original sights are foldable to leave the field clear viewfinders that you fix on it. However players wishing not to add Red Dot will take full advantage of the accuracy of Arès sighting devices.

Internally, Ares serves us a gearbox faithful to his habits: powerful and reasonable power (the rifle displays between 350 and 380 FPS chrony with ball 0.20 grs).

Phenix Airsoft recommends using a 9.6v battery in 2 elements to power the beast (Not Supplied).

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TAR 121 Dark Earth


Metal & ABS


680 mm


4500g (with box)


<1.1 Joules

<Charger/ Span>

Type M4 (130 balls)

Other Information

Import product not guaranteed


The replica is sold without battery or battery charger./ Span>

The ARES brand is particularly recognized for its quality replicas, such as the Amoeba, L85A3, MK43, and many others. These replicas are carefully designed to provide an immersive and realistic gaming experience for airsoft enthusiasts. Thanks to their attention to detail, exceptional performance and loyalty to their original models, ARES airsoft guns and products are highly prized by gun collectors. 

A unique aspect of the ARES brand is its commitment to technical innovation. Their in-house R&D team works tirelessly to develop new features and capabilities for their products. This allows ARES to remain at the forefront of the airsoft industry, constantly offering cutting-edge replicas that exceed players' expectations. 

In addition to their quality replicas, ARES also offers a full range of accessories, internal and external upgrade parts, spring guns, fuel guns and even a unique gun holder system. This allows airsoft players to customize and enhance their replicas according to their specific preferences and needs. 

In short, the ARES brand is a reference in the airsoft industry, offering exceptional quality replicas and innovative products. Whether you are a passionate gamer looking for an immersive experience or a gun collector looking for loyalty, ARES airsoft guns and products are a safe choice to satisfy your highest needs and expectations. 

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