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Sniper KC02 Airsoft Replicas

Short history of the KC02

KJW, the famous airsoft firearms manufacturer, has recently started building gas powered airsoft sniper rifles, and the most recent model is the KCO2, a replica of the popular 10/22 sniper rifle. The Ruger 10/22 is one of the best selling rifles in the United States. It was introduced in 1964. The Ruger 10/22 is a semi-automatic recoil rifle. The Ruger 10/22 has become the rifle of choice for beginners and experienced shooters.

The KCO2 airsoft sniper rifle, modeled after the Ruger 10/22, is one of the most unique rifles on the airsoft market.

Features of the KC02 Airsoft

A lightweight body combined with an ergonomic stock give this unique airsoft sniper rifle a pleasant feel. The internal components are of high quality, as is always the case with KJW products. Moreover, this allows the KCO2 airsoft replica to be lightweight and have a velocity of up to 400 FPS. The body features a full rail system allowing for extensive customization. The flip-up sights are a great addition and allow for the addition of optics.

KJW built the KCO2 from a variety of materials, but primarily polymer for the storage system and rails, and metal for the receiver, barrel and trigger mechanism. The layout and balance of the barrel is excellent, and the pistol grip makes it very easy to handle.

In terms of internal parts, the KCO2 is quite similar to the real Ruger 10/22, but is obviously not the same. The upper receiver and outer body can be removed from the tactical weapon in one piece, allowing you to replace it with a real steel frame, after slightly modifying it.

The KCO2 airsoft sniper rifle is a great choice for players looking for a gas blowback product that is light enough to use all day, but performs like a real gun. Overall, this is a unique airsoft replica to be used in competition or simply to be part of a collection.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix Airsoft, there is only one variant of the KCO2, the KJ Works Sniper KCO2 Gen 2. This tactical version is made primarily of nylon fiber, aluminum and zinc. It weighs approximately 2.4 kg and has a length that varies from 775 mm to 860 mm thanks to the adjustable Hop Up. The internal barrel of the KJ Works Sniper KCO2 Gen 2 measures 380 mm for a caliber of 6 mm. This airsoft sniper rifle comes with a 22-round magazine and a power output of 1.6 joules for a velocity that can reach 400 FPS.

Thanks to the presence of a Picatinny rail, you can integrate a silencer or a laser on this airsoft replica.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

The KJ Works Sniper KCO2 Gen 2 airsoft sniper rifle runs on gas. The gas consistency remains in the average range. You will be able to get a peak at 440 FPS with 20 seconds between shots. Finally, the accuracy and range are very good.