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Historical presentation of the KRISS Vector

The KRISS Vector is actually a series of firearms based on the same machine gun platform. KRISS USA (formerly known as Transformational Defence Industries) developed the Vector series in 2008 and its popularity has been growing ever since. Although these firearms are undoubtedly among the least orthodox, their design makes them among the most recognizable on the market. That's because KRISS USA has used an unconventional blowback system combined with an in-line design to reduce recoil. This patented mechanism is called the KRISS Super V.

The first generation of the Vector series of firearms was announced in the spring of 2007, the second generation in 2011, and the "Gen II" versions in 2015.

Features of the KRISS Vector Airsoft

The aesthetics of the KRISS Vector Airsoft are absolutely stunning. This Airsoft gun also benefits from excellent ergonomics to optimize the hand. Indeed, the handle has engraved lines on the front and back. The KRISS Vector Airsoft is primarily made of polymer, with a few main parts made of metal. Despite its polymer design, the KRISS Vector Airsoft is solid. In particular, it has bottom, top, and side rails.

Performance-wise, the KRISS Vector Airsoft is so intuitive and well-designed that it becomes a natural extension of your arm. Whether in semi-automatic or automatic mode, there is no difficulty.

What are the different KRISS Vector Airsoft replicas available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix Airsoft, you will find two variants of the KRISS Vector Airsoft replica. They are both variants of the Ni Krytac brand. The only difference between the two is the color. One is black and the other has a desert camouflage.

Both variants have the same characteristics. Indeed, they are based on the same 6 mm caliber. They measure 620 mm and weigh 2.7 kg. These two Ni Krytac variants benefit from a double magazine system. One contains 55 balls and the other 125. If their hop up is adjustable, the breech is fixed. Among the available shooting modes, you can choose between a single shot mode, a double mode, an automatic mode and a safety mode. As for the operating motor, we find ourselves here with a short axis and a thread of 14 mm counterclockwise.

Now, on the performance side, these two variants deploy 0.9 joules for a speed of 290 FPS.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer site

The KRISS Vector Airsoft replicas available on Phenix airsoft operate through an electric mechanism. The battery is not supplied with the weapon, but when you decide to buy one, it will be necessary to prefer a LiPo PEQ battery of 7,4 V, to obtain an optimal power.

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