List of products by brand Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui, a renowned brand in the airsoft world, was founded in 1965 in Japan. Since the late 1980s, this company has distinguished itself by the production of various types of replica weapons used in the field of Airsoft. 

The major creation of Tokyo Marui was the design and development of the gearbox, a revolutionary mechanical device. This system has greatly facilitated the use of replica firearms, making them easier to use, more economical and more reliable. 

Thanks to this major innovation, airsoft players around the world have been able to enjoy a more realistic and exciting gaming experience. Gearbox technology has improved the accuracy, power and durability of the weapon replicas offered by Tokyo Marui. 

The exceptional quality of Tokyo Marui products is the result of careful research, constant innovation and a commitment to excellence. Each replica is carefully designed and manufactured with high quality materials to ensure optimal performance in the field. 

In addition to reliability and performance, Tokyo Marui is also known for its aesthetic design. The replicas feature realistic details and a neat finish, offering players an immersive experience in the world of airsoft. 

Tokyo Marui’s reputation extends beyond Japan, and the brand is now widely regarded as one of the leaders in the airsoft industry. Whether for amateur players or professionals, Tokyo Marui offers a wide range of replica weapons to meet all needs and requirements. 

In conclusion, Tokyo Marui is an iconic Japanese brand that has revolutionized the airsoft industry thanks to its major creation, the gearbox. Tokyo Marui replica weapons combine performance, reliability and aesthetics, offering players a unique and passionate experience