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Replica Sport 106 Co2 Airsoft

Short history of the Sport 106 Airsoft

The Sport 106 is a replica airsoft model that is loaded with ball ammunition. Its design is based on the CZ-75. It is worth remembering that the CZ-75 is a semi-automatic pistol that is credited to the Czech firearms manufacturer ČZUB. First introduced in 1975, the CZ-75 is still today, the most widely used handgun in the Czech Republic.

The Sport 106 is a very realistic airsoft replica, and displays very convincing performance. It distinguishes itself by offering a more than acceptable shooting distance, a handle equipped with an ergonomic grip, a Picantinny mounting rail to accommodate a laser or a lamp.

Specificities of the Sport 106 Airsoft

When it comes to the practice of airsoft, Sport 106 airsoft replicas are very popular with shooters. The first reason is that the Sport 106 airsoft replicas are easy to handle and provide great comfort of use. Indeed, the Sport 106 replicas have an ergonomic stock coated with a rubber grip for a firm grip of the replica hand. In addition, the safety catch is very well positioned to ensure greater safety.s

The Sport 106 replicas are also very accurate thanks to bright fiber optic front and rear sights, allowing you to target someone or something with ease.  The Sport 106 airsoft replicas are therefore perfectly suited to precision shooting events.

What are the different variants available on Phénix Airsoft ?

The only variant of the Sport 106 available on Phenixairsoft is the ASG Sport 106. It is a black model of 6 mm caliber that is 190 mm long and weighs about 550 g. The ASG Sport 106 is equipped with a magazine with 18 balls and benefits from an adjustable Hop Up, but a fixed breech. Entirely made of ABS, the ASG Sport 106 deploys a power of 1.3 joules for a velocity of 370 FPS.

It should be noted that this ASG Sport 106 variant is equipped with a Picantinny mounting rail on the lower part of the barrel. This 22 mm rail will serve as a support for a lamp or a laser. By the way, on Phenix airsoft, you will find a compact red ABS laser perfectly suited for the CZ-75, P07, but also ASG Sport 106 replica series.

You can also store the ASG Sport 106 in various standard thigh, belt or shoulder holsters, which are also available at Phenix airsoft. The maintenance of the ASG Sport 106 is very easy, just use silicone oil. In addition, disassembling and reassembling the replica will not take much time.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft

The ASG Sport 106 available on Phenixairsoft is offered in a version that works with a CO² propulsion mechanism. To obtain optimal velocity and range, it is recommended to use 12g CO² capsules.