List of products by brand PPS

PPS, a subsidiary of SHS, is a renowned brand in the field of airsoft replicas and high-end parts. Founded by Shenzhen PIM Technology Co. Ltd, a high-tech enterprise specializing in metal injection molding, PPS is professionally committed to providing superior quality gun accessories. 

With recognized expertise in the manufacture of gun parts such as handguards, grips, sticks, flash hiders, silencers and garlic caches, PPS has earned a solid reputation in the airsoft industry. Their attention to detail and use of the highest quality materials guarantee durable and reliable products, appreciated by airsoft enthusiasts and professionals. 

PPS airsoft replicas are precisely designed to provide a realistic and immersive gaming experience. Thanks to their constant commitment to innovation and their search for advanced technologies, PPS replicas incorporate advanced features such as gas propulsion systems, recoil mechanisms, high capacity chargers and much more. 

Whether for sports, recreational shooting or professional training, PPS offers a wide range of airsoft replicas adapted to all needs and preferences. Their products are renowned for outstanding performance, reliability and durability, making PPS a trusted choice for airsoft enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. 

In summary, PPS is a trusted brand in the airsoft industry, offering outstanding replicas and accessories thanks to the expertise of Shenzhen PIM Technology Co. Ltd. With their commitment to quality and innovation, PPS is positioned as a leader in the field, meeting the needs of airsof enthusiasts and professionals