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Replica PT 99 & 92 Airsoft

Short history of the Taurus PT92 and PT99

The Taurus PT92 is a single and double action recoil-fueled semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Taurus in the former Beretta factory in São Paulo, Brazil. It should be noted that in 1974, the Brazilian Army signed a large contract for the Beretta 92 for which Beretta set up a factory in São Paulo. This factory was then sold to the Brazilian arms manufacturer Taurus in 1980, after the contract expired. Soon after, Taurus started using the original Beretta pistols to manufacture their own weapons.

The design of the Taurus PT92 has undergone many revisions since its production in the early 1980s. But despite many design changes, the Taurus PT92 still retains many design elements of the Beretta 92, such as the shape of the trigger. Among the most popular versions of the PT92 is the PT99, which has an adjustable rear sight and a larger front sight.

Taurus PT 92 and PT99 Airsoft Features

The Taurus PT92 and PT99 airsoft replicas are excellent choices for those who are interested in getting into the airsoft field, but don't know where to start. The Taurus PT92 and PT99 airsoft guns are very faithful replicas of the original Taurus made in Brazil. 

The Taurus PT92 and PT99 replicas are among the most durable and effective airsoft handgun replicas on the market. The Full Metal slide is easy to cock and remains very realistic, adding a truly authentic look.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?
On Phenix Airsoft, there are four variants of the Taurus replicas that are all manufactured by Cybergun/Swiss Arms. Three are Taurus PT92 and the last one is a Taurus PT99.

The Taurus PT92 variants

The first airsoft variant of the Taurus PT92 is the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT92/M9. It is black, 220 mm long and weighs 800 g. It has a magazine with a capacity of 13 balls and benefits from a metal and ABS design. It should be noted that this variant has a mobile breech and a fixed Hop Up. Finally, on the performance side, the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT92/M9 deploys a power of 0.5 joules and a velocity of 230 FPS.

The second airsfot variant is the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT92/M9 Die-Cast which differs from the previous version by a 25-round magazine, a weight of 1100 g, and a power of 1 joule coupled with a velocity of 330 FPS.

Finally, the third airsoft variant of the Taurus PT92 is the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT92 Semi/Full Hairline. This model has almost the same characteristics as the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT92/M9 Die-Cast, with the big difference that the breech is mobile and the Hop Up is adjustable. It is also about 100 grams heavier.

The Taurus PT99 variant

The Taurus PT99 variant is the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT99 Semi/Full Auto. This model is distinguished by a 25-barrel magazine, a weight of 1200 g, an all-metal design, but also a mobile breech and an adjustable Hop Up.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft

As for the operating mechanisms of the variants offered on Phenix Airsoft, there are models that operate on spring and CO2. The only variant that works with a spring system is the Cybergun/Swiss Arms Taurus PT92/M9. The other variants all work with CO2.

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