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M870 Airsoft Shotgun Replicas

historical presentation of the M870
The Remington M870 is a shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company, LLC. It is widely used by individuals for sport shooting, hunting and, of course, for their own protection. But the Remington M870 is also used by militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world.

The M870 is the fifth design in a series of Remington shotguns, following the Remington 10, the Remington M17, the Remington M29 and the Remington M31. The M31 was very popular with shooters, but its sales were struggling to take off due to competition from the Winchester M12. Remington sought to correct this in 1950 by introducing a modern, rugged, reliable and relatively inexpensive shotgun, the M870. By 1983, the M870 held the record as the best-selling shotgun in history with three million units sold. On April 13, 2009, the ten millionth Remigton 870 was produced.

of the M870 Airsoft
The Airsoft variants of the M870, including those manufactured by CYMA and S&T, are made of metal and ABS plastic. With the exception of the pump and the stock, the external parts of the M870 airsoft replicas are made entirely of metal, in order to faithfully reproduce the original model. Most of the internal parts are made of aluminum-zinc alloy, while others are made of steel. These materials make the M870 airsoft replicas very robust against shocks and falls.

The M870 airsoft replicas are very comfortable to hold. Indeed, although the weight is less than the original shotgun, you will find the same feeling as with a real Remington shotgun. Here, the emphasis has been put on a compromise between realism and ease of use.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?
On Phenix Airsoft, there are exactly 8 airsoft variants of the Remington M870, including three S&T variants and five Cyma variants.

S&T variants
The three airsoft variants of the M870 manufactured by S&T all have a real wood and metal finish. They all have the same type of 22 round magazine and all have an adjustable Hop Up. On the other hand, they have their own specificities. First of all, the basic S&T M870 model has a length of 1040 mm, weighs about 2600 g and has a power of 1.1 joule for a velocity of 360 FPS. The S&T M870 Saw and S&T M870 Police airsoft variants also have the same power characteristics as the base version (1.1 joule and 360 FPS). However, the S&T M870 Police is 930 mm long and the S&T M870 Saw is much shorter (555 mm).

Cyma variants
The five Cyma variants, meanwhile, are distinguished by a 30-round magazine, 1.1 joules of power and a velocity of 300 FPS. The difference between the five Cyma airsoft replicas will be in the design, the length of the rifle and the weight. There are Cyma variants with folding stocks like the Cyma CM352M or with adjustable stocks like the Cyma CM353. There are also more conventional models like the Cyma CM351M which has a fixed breech and Hop Up and is 640 mm long.

Different mechanisms offered on Phenix Airsoft
Regarding the mechanism, the M870 variants available on Phenixairsoft, both the S&T and Cyma variants, operate with a spring propulsion system.