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L96 Sniper Replicas – AWP Airsoft

historical presentation of the L96 - AWP
The L96A1 / Arctic Warfare is a sniper rifle developed by Accuracy International. In the mid-1980s, the rifle was adopted by the British Army as the L96. There are also modifications of the rifle used by police and special forces.

It has proven popular as a rifle for civilian, police and military use since its introduction in the 1980s. In fact, in the civilian gun market, this rifle is positioned as a "sporting" weapon.

of the L96 - AWP Airsoft
One of our favorite things about this airsoft sniper rifle is that it is popular. Arming this rifle is smooth and easy. Although it is a bit heavy, this airsoft sniper rifle has the ability to shoot over long distances with increased accuracy. Even for a beginner, when hunting or target practice, reloading another magazine into the chamber will be very easy.

The L96 - AWP airsoft sniper rifle has a sleek design with green painted parts giving you a total battlefield experience. All detachable parts, including the magazine, are made of durable plastic. The metal parts of the rifle are made of a strong metal alloy core. The materials used allow the rifle to withstand heavy use and adverse conditions, regardless of the weather, so there is no interruption, no matter what the situation.

Performance-wise, the L96 - AWP does not disappoint. Its shooting performance is just spectacular. This airsoft sniper rifle has powerful velocity and a range of up to 200 meters, giving you the ultimate shooting experience. The rifle, itself is quite heavy, which may limit your movement, especially during a hunting session.

Loading cartridges into the chamber is very quick and easy, which increases the accuracy and precision of your shot. Its metal bolt action gives you the feeling of being in real combat action.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?
On Phenix Airsoft, there are seven variants of the L96 - AWP airsoft, all manufactured by Well. The first variant is the Sniper L96 Tactical with scope, which is a 1134 mm long model with an internal barrel length of 495 mm. Then we also find the Sniper L96 Pro Tactical which has a length of 1260 mm and a weight of 3.7 kg. This airsoft sniper rifle has a 30 ball magazine. Its Hop Up is adjustable and it has a power of 1.9 joule for a velocity of 450 FPS. The Sniper L96 Pro Tactical is also available in a variant with a scope and bipod. Then, Phenix airsoft also offers two Sniper Shadow variants that differ from each other by their color. However, they have the same characteristics, namely a length that can vary from 970 to 1050 mm, an approximate weight of 2.5 kg, a power of 1.9 joules and a velocity of 450 FPS.

Phenix airsoft also offers a Sniper L96 Warrior variant that has a length of 1150 mm and weighs 3.4 kg. Its power is 1.8 joules which allows it to reach 440 FPS. Finally, there is also the Sniper L96 Arctic Warfare model with scope and bipod.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

The airsoft replicas of the L96 - AWP all work with a spring system.