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Glock Airsoft Replica

The historical presentation of the Glock
The Glock is a brand of semi-automatic, locked-breech, short-barreled, polymer-framed pistol designed and manufactured by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H. It was first used in the Austrian army and police in 1982 after performing best in various reliability and safety tests. Today, the Glock is known to be among the most capable handguns in the world.

Despite the market's initial reluctance to accept "a plastic gun" due to unsubstantiated durability and reliability issues as well as concern that the polymer could circumvent metal detectors at airports, Glocks guns became the most popular line. most profitable of Glock Ges.m.b.H, since they are used by national armed forces, security agencies and national forces of at least 48 countries.

The Glock
Gaston Glock built his company from scratch, based on exceptional and demanding engineering. Its exacting standards can be seen today in the design of every Glock pistol, in the choice of materials used at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The Glock Airsoft
Glock pistols are designed to be easy to use. Having a lower bore axis, the recoil and rise of the barrel is less than other brands of handguns, which increases the accuracy of the gun. The natural grip design allows for instinctive pointing and faster sight picture acquisition.

A Glock is made with only 34 components, significantly fewer than other semi-automatic pistol designs. Having fewer parts reduces the risk of technical issues and makes Glocks pistols more reliable. The durability of the parts reduces the maintenance costs of the gun.

The simplicity of Glock pistols is also reflected in the fact that parts are interchangeable between different models. A skilled Glock gunsmith can completely disassemble and reassemble a Glock pistol in minutes with a simple punch, reducing the time and cost required for maintenance.

While there are many polymer-reinforced guns on the market, the Glock's high-strength, non-fiberglass-reinforced polymer is one of a kind. This exclusive polymer reduces the overall weight of the gun and significantly increases its durability. In addition, the polymer material of the Glock is resistant to different weather conditions, corrosion, lubricants and absorbs recoil.

What are the different variants available on Phoenix Airsoft?
On Phenix airsoft, we mainly find G17 type Airsoft Glock replicas, such as the KJ Works G17 Custom and the Poseidon G17 Custom, G18 type like the Cyma G18C Custom and the WE G18C Gen4, G23 type like the KJ Works G23, type G26 like the Galaxy Spring G26.

Among the atypical Phenix airsoft variants found on Phenix airsoft, we can mention in particular the WE G17 Dueller with double magazine, double barrel, and double trigger. Finally, on the color side, there are mainly black, silver and gold variants.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft
The Glock replicas offered on Phenix airsoft operate using different mechanisms, including gas-powered Glocks like all WE models, spring-operated like all Galaxy models, and electric-powered like all Cyma models.