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Ghillies and Camouflages

Iconic garment snipers, the ghillie is the nec plus ultra in the camouflage. It falls into the category of camouflage in 3 dimensions: which means that in addition to camouflage in color and pattern, camouflage ghillie also by its volume. The word comes from the Scottish Gaelic ghillie and refers to British folklore: the brownie, little creature with the ability to blend into the landscape changing to plant. It is also born in Scotland the ghillie. Created by gamekeepers to fight against poaching, it was clothing to blend in the heath and forests of the Highlands and thus take the poachers on the fact when they committed their crime. Taken over by the military, she quickly associated with snipers use it to "disappear" in the eyes of their opponents. Today, ghillie is deeply complicated in its production. The materials have evolved much from cotton to polyester and other modern compounds. This technology evolution is explained by a change of the missions must complete ghillie and its carrier: in the past, the visual camouflage was the only imperative, now you have to take into account the visual, thermal aspect, Infrared appearance ... and many other things.