Beretta M12 Airsoft Replicas

The Beretta Model 12 is a machine pistol designed by the Italian engineer Domenico Salza for the Beretta firm in 1959. It equipped the Italian Army from 1961 to replace the Beretta 38/42. Its designated successor is the Beretta Mx4.

The M12 has a cylindrical frame enclosing the barrel and the mobile breech with percussion mass. The arming lever is on the left. This machine pistol is one of the rare models to be equipped with two pistol grips (like the Thompson) framing the magazine (inserted vertically).

The M12s have either a wooden stock (which will soon disappear) or a metal folding stock on the right side. The front sight is adjustable in drift and elevation. The rise is tilting (100/200 m).

Our airsoft replica is available from 259 euros

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