DSR-1 Airsoft Sniper Replicas

DSR-1 is a compact sliding shutter sniper produced and marketed by DSR-Precision GmbH (Previously, until 2004, the weapon was sold by ATP Technical Services as a firearm to the police). The weapon has been adopted by the German anti-terrorist forces GSG 9 and other European special services.

It has a bullpup design with fully floating body. The folding bipod is mounted on the upper side of the weapon (above the barrel), while on the lower side there is an adjustable grip in particular. The weapon also has a fully adjustable stock to meet the shooter's specifications. In front of the trigger assembly is the housing for a spare magazine, aimed at reducing the loading time. The quick-replacement cylinder is attached to the breech using three screws, while the 'shutter It is held closed by six radial pins. The barrel is protected by an aluminum handguard and equipped with muzzle brake (very useful to reduce recoil when using full power ammunition). The trigger, as in many sniper rifles, is adjustable in two configurations. The weapon has an ambidextrous three position located above the trigger. For the standard version of the weapon, it is also available silent, quickly be mounted via a lever system.


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