List of products by brand Fobus

At Fobus, we understand that every airsoft player has different needs and preferences. That’s why our wide range of accessories is designed to suit a variety of playing styles and equipment types. Whether you are a sniper, a tactical attacker or a versatile player, Fobus has the perfect accessory for you. 

Our holsters are specially designed to ensure a secure hold of your weapon while allowing quick and smooth access during combat. They are made using the best materials for foolproof durability. In addition, our adjustable retention technology ensures a perfect fit for different weapons and types of belts. 

Fobus soft fasteners offer a convenient solution for attaching various accessories and tactical equipment to your equipment. They are easy to use, strong and resistant, allowing you to carry everything you need during your airsoft missions. With Fobus, you can be sure that your soft ties will stay in place even in the most intense situations. 

When it comes to charger holders, Fobus offers a wide selection to accommodate different charger capacities and mounting styles. Whether you prefer belt, tactical vest or Molle platform loaders, we have what you need to keep your loaders close at hand. 

Fobus is committed to providing superior quality products at affordable prices for all budgets. Whatever your skill level or the amount you are willing to invest, we believe you deserve to have reliable and high-performance equipment. Join us at Fobus and discover why we are the leading brand in the airsoft world.