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Répliques Scorpion VZ61 Airsoft

Historical presentation of the Scorpion VZ61

The Scorpion VZ61 is a machine pistol developed by Miroslav Rybář and manufactured under the official name "Samopal vzor 61" by the Czechoslovak firearms manufacturer Česká zbrojovka from 1961 to 1979. Although the weapon was designed for use by security forces and special forces, it was also adopted by the Czechoslovak Army as a sidearm for certain military squadrons, including drivers of vehicles, helicopters and armored vehicles. Currently, the weapon is used by the armed forces of several countries as a sidearm. The Scorpion VZ61 was also built under license in the former Yugoslavia, under the name M84. A civilian semi-automatic version was also produced, known as the M84A.

The 1960s were known for three things: hippies, Vietnam and small caliber machine guns. One of the most obscure yet impressive weapons to come out during this time was the Scorpion VZ61. It is a compact machine pistol. In fact, it is only a few inches longer than a handgun.

Specificities of the Scorpion VZ61 Airsoft

The Scorpion VZ61 airsoft replica is faithful to the original in weight, size and dimensions. Everything works the same as the real steel version, including the charging handle, magazine release, selector switch and rear sight adjustment. The finish of the gun is excellent. And although it is mostly plastic, polymer to be exact, we appreciate the presence of some metal parts, such as the main frame, barrel extension, pins, selector, trigger and release.

The trigger of the Scorpion VZ61 Airsoft is what you would expect from a typical AEG Airsoft gun. It is therefore not very dynamic. Indeed, this airsoft replica uses a switch system for the electrical circuit. As with most airsoft replicas that operate on an electrical mechanism, there is a noticeable delay between the moment you pull the trigger and the firing.

What are the different Spectre M4 Airsoft replicas available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix Airsoft, there is only one replica of the Scorpion VZ61. The SMG Scorpion VZ61 AEP is a black one that weighs 1 kg and is 500 mm long. It is based on a 6 mm architecture and has a magazine with a capacity of 50 balls. Here the breech is fixed, while the hop up is adjustable. The battery 7.2v EX delivered with the weapon is to be inserted in the upper cover. The MG Scorpion VZ61 AEP is made of metal and ABS. Finally, in terms of performance, this replica displays a rate of fire approaching 250 FPS obtained through a power of 0.5 joule.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

The Scorpion VZ61 Airsoft replica that is present in the Phenix Airsoft catalog works with an electric mechanism.