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M14 Airsoft Replicas

Historical presentation of the M14

The M14 rifle is an American 7.26mm caliber selective-fire rifle. It became the standard rifle of the United States Army in 1958, replacing the M1 Garand rifle in the United States Army in 1959 and the United States Marine Corps in 1965, until it was replaced by the rifle M16 from 1968. The M14 was used by the US Army and Marines for basic and advanced individual training.

The M14 was the last American combat rifle to be issued in significant quantities to American military personnel. It was replaced by the M16 Assault Rifle, a lighter weapon using a smaller caliber intermediate cartridge. The M14 rifle remains in limited service with all branches of the U.S. military as a weapon for marksmanship competitions and the ceremonial weapon of honor guards. You should know that semi-automatic civilian models are used for hunting and target shooting competitions.

Finally, it should be noted that the M14 is the basis of the M21 and M25 sniper rifles, which have largely been replaced by the M24. A new variant of the M14, the MK 14, has been in service since 2002.

Specifics of the M14 Airsoft sniper

The M14 airsoft sniper replica achieves extremely high FPS without compromising shooting accuracy, even in full automatic firing mode. The M14 Airsoft replica is one of the best AEGs on the market. The manufacture is of high quality, with the use of high-end materials. For the brand new models of the M14 Airsoft, the materials of construction have been improved to provide a smoother power delivery, thus providing greater accuracy. In addition, they are equipped with adjustable steel sights at the front and rear.

With a fully charged battery, the new M14 Airsoft models are capable of firing over 830 rounds per minute with 0.20g BBs.

What are the different M14 replicas available on Phoenix Airsoft?

On Phenix airsoft, there are five replicas of the M14 airsoft. They are all from the Cyma brand. First of all, there are two variants of the Cyma M14 Socom, one black and the other OD. They have almost the same characteristics, namely a length of 950 mm and a weight of 3.5 kg. The magazine has a capacity of 450 balls and they benefit from an adjustable hop up for a fixed cylinder head. There are also two classic variants, including the Cyma M14 Black and the Cyma M14 OD. They have the same specifications, such as length (1130 mm), weight (4 kg) and a magazine with a capacity of 400 balls. These two variants deploy a power of 1.4 joules for a velocity of 360 FPS. Finally, you will also find in the Phenix airsoft catalog the Cyma M14 EBR Black variant. This is a much heavier variant than the previous four. Indeed, it weighs 5.4 kg.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the client's site

All Cyma replicas of the M14 Airsoft available on Phenix airsoft operate using an electrical mechanism.