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M40A3 Airsoft Sniper Replicas

Short history of the Remington M40A3

The M40 rifle is a bolt action sniper rifle used by the United States Marine Corps, there are four variants of the M40, including the M40A1, M40A5 and of course the M4A03. The M40 was introduced in 1966. The A1 model was introduced in 1970, the A3 in the 2000s and the A5 in 2009.

Let's go back to the model that concerns us here, the M40A3. Its development began in 1996 and was completed in 2001, when the weapon was fielded during the US Navy's Operation Enduring Freedom. Although its designation remained the M40A3 until 2009, its exact configuration has varied over time.

Specifications of the Remington M40A3 Airsoft

For starters, the M40A3 airsoft is a very good replica of the real Remington M40A3. There's no reason why an airsoft player who likes sniper rifles shouldn't like this one, unless it's too big for them. Indeed, the M40A3 is not only long, but is also quite heavy. This reinforces the fidelity of this replica compared to the real rifle. Thus, the weight of the M40A3 airsoft replica is not a deterrent to purchase, because it means that this airsoft sniper rifle is very solid and resists shocks very well. In fact, the weight does not cause any considerable discomfort, as the weapon is perfectly balanced. You will be able to shoot easily in a standing position.

Compared to other airsoft sniper rifles, the Remington M40A3 airsoft's grip is not too slanted, which enhances its ergonomics. In fact, the grip is almost at 90° to the barrel. This may seem a bit odd for the average sniper, but can be adopted quite easily, as the grip is quite large.

This airsoft sniper rifle was designed to perform, so the internal components are supposed to match that claim. The entire internal rifle assembly can be separated from the McMillan frame by simply removing a few screws. From there, the user has the ability to adjust the stroke and force of the rifle. This is an interesting feature, as it allows each user to customize their weapon.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenix airsoft, there are only two variants of the Remington M40A3. One is under ASG license and the other is under Ares license.

The ASG variant

The ASG Sniper M40A3 McMillan is a black variant that measures 1125 mm in length and weighs approximately 2.3 kg. It is a 6mm airsoft weapon equipped with a 26 ball magazine, with an adjustable Hop Up. In terms of performance, the balls are ejected from the weapon thanks to a power of 1.9 joules for a velocity of 450 FPS.

The Ares variants

There are three Ares variants on Phenix Airsoft. They differ only in color, but their technical characteristics are the same. Thus, there is a black, OD and desert variant. For the characteristics, each variant under license Ares has a length of 1140 mm, a weight of 3.2 kg, a magazine with a capacity of 40 balls and a power of 1.8 joule.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

All airsoft variants of the Remington M40A3 all work through a spring system. This spring system is rather smooth, but has a certain level of resistance. However, this resistance is not strong enough to make you feel any discomfort.