List of products by brand Bolt Airsoft

Bolt Airsoft is a renowned brand in the airsoft industry, renowned for its patented B.R.S.S recoil system. Their unique innovation allows the transfer of kinetic energy from the piston to the hammer thanks to an additional weight cleverly placed inside the stock tube. This advanced system offers an even more realistic gaming experience to airsoft enthusiasts. 

Within the airsoft community, Bolt Airsoft is considered a pioneer company. Their attention to detail and expertise in the design and manufacture of air guns make them a preferred choice for demanding players. Bolt Airsoft’s B.R.S.S system gives an authentic feeling of recoil, thus realistically simulating the operation of firearms. 

By choosing Bolt Airsoft, players can enjoy a total immersion in the world of airsoft. The brand’s weapons are renowned for their reliability and durability, which guarantees optimal performance even in the toughest conditions. 

Whether it’s for amateur gamers looking for a realistic experience or for professional competitors looking to improve their performance, Bolt Airsoft offers a diverse range of premium weapons. By investing in a brand product, players can be sure to get a weapon of trust, offering precision, power and reliability. 

In the world of airsoft, Bolt Airsoft is a reference thanks to its patented B.R.S.S recoil system, offering players an immersive, realistic and thrilling experience. Trust Bolt Airsoft to live a unique adventure in the world of airsoft.