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VP9 Airsoft Replica

Short historical presentation of the VP9

The VP9, known as the SFP9 in Europe and Canada, is a semi-automatic handgun with a polymer protective frame produced in 2014 by Heckler & Koch. The VP designation refers to "Volkspistole" which can be translated as "Pistol of the People". The 9 corresponds to the designation of the caliber 9 mm. According to the manufacturer, the VP9 pistol had been in development for over four years before its release in June 2014.

Although the original Heckler & Koch VP9 has been available since 2014, the airsoft version was not released until two years later, in 2016. Umarex holds the airsoft license for the VP9. As with most of its airsoft replicas, Umarex has entrusted the manufacture of the VP9 replica to VFC.

Specificities of the VP9 Airsoft

If you take the airsoft VP9 in your hand, you will first notice the solid grip. The slide itself and many functional parts are made of metal. Looking closer, you'll notice that all the contours, from the slider serrations to the markings, are carefully drawn. In addition, the coating makes a good impression and gives this airsoft VP9 a very aesthetic appearance. Also in terms of design, the handle consists of two parts molded and assembled centrally; which gives the airsoft VP9 a very nice look.

As a GBB pistol, the airsoft VP9 naturally requires the corresponding control elements. These have the same functions as the original model, including ambidextrous features like the sliding locking levers present on both sides of the weapon. The magazine can also be changed on both sides. Thus, loading the airsoft VP9 remains very easy, like any self-respecting airsoft handgun.

What are the different variants available on Phoenix Airsoft?

There is only one variant of the VP9 on Phenixairsoft, the VFC HK VP9 Tactical Blowback. It is a black color variant that weighs 755g and has a length of 190mm. It should be noted that the length of the internal barrel is 94 mm. The airsoft VP9 is a 6 mm caliber and has a magazine with a capacity of 22 balls which escape from the gun thanks to a gas mechanism. He also notes that this variant has a movable bolt and an adjustable Hop Up.

Finally, the firing velocity is around 290 FPS with a power of around 0.9 joules. Of course, it is possible to have a little more speed and power by using the appropriate gas and making sure to shoot in room temperature conditions.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft

As for the mechanism, the only variant offered on Phenixairsoft is the VFC HK VP9 Tactical Blowback where the balls are propelled outside the weapon using gas. Anyway, this variant will be able to give you pleasure, like paintball guns.