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Sniper VSR 10 Airsoft Replicas

Short history of the VSR10

The Tokyo Marui VSR10 was one of the very first airsoft sniper rifles. It is based on the Remington M700, a rifle known for its accuracy at a relatively low price. It remains a popular airsoft weapon among airsoft sniper rifles on the market today. The TM VSR10 is a very popular airsoft sniper rifle, but it is also quite expensive for a novice player. Chinese companies such as JG, Well and AGM have taken the opportunity to start making replicas based on the TM VSR10.

Specificities of the VSR10 Airsoft

There are many variants of the VSR10 in addition to the original VSR (the Pro Sniper), such as the G-Spec, the Real Shock and the Pro Hunter. The G-Spec has a shorter barrel, but comes with a silencer. The Real Shock is identical to the Pro Sniper, but has pellets around the recoil piston. The Pro Hunter variant is exactly the same as the Pro Sniper variant, but the barrel and receiver has a silver finish. The upgrade parts are compatible between versions, with the exception of the barrel length for the G-Spec. The VSR10 shoots with an average velocity of 275 FPS. This is generally very low for an airsoft sniper rifle, but the Tokyo Marui VSR10 makes the best magazine mounts and barrels on the market; this gives it a very tight group at long range, even with its low magazine capacity. The trigger mechanism is also a valuable feature of the VSR10 airsoft. Indeed, this TM sniper rifle uses a 45-degree mechanical mechanism. This is the angle at which the piston engages. This system works very well on the VSR10 with lower power springs, as it provides an extremely light trigger pull. However, this system is also extremely fragile when using a high power spring.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

Phenix airsoft offers six variants of the VSR10, including three variants manufactured by Well and three variants manufactured by Snow Wolf. Well variants The Well variants all have the same characteristics. Their difference lies in the accessories that come as standard. Thus, there is the basic model Sniper VSR10 Well MB-03A which is delivered naked, the model Sniper VSR10 Well MB-10D which is delivered with a scope and an ABS stock. Finally, there is the Sniper VSR10 Well-03D, which comes with a scope and bipod. Apart from these differences, the Well variants share the same length of 1150 mm, a weight of 2.5 kg, a 25-round magazine, a power of 1.8 joule and a velocity of 440 FPS. Snow Wolf variants The Snow Wolf variants share the same features, but differ in color. Thus, the Snow Wolf variants have a length of 1150 mm, a weight of 2 kg, a magazine with 30 balls, a power of 1.1 joule and a velocity of 350 FPS. In terms of color, you can choose between a black, OD and desert variant. Different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site The VSR10 airsoft sniper rifle replicas offered by Phenix Airsoft work with a spring mechanism.