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M4 CCP-S Airsoft Replicas

Historical presentation of the M4 CCR-S

The ARES AMOEBA Class-S M4 CCR series is the newest series of M4 airsoft guns available on the market. Thus, the new ARES AMOEBA M4 CCR-S is a new generation of airsoft gun for a new generation of players. The M4 CCR-S Airsoft is a compact machine gun and therefore suitable for beginners and women players.

Features of the M4 CCR-S Airsoft

Most parts are made of durable plastic and nylon fiber, making this new M4 series a lightweight airsoft rifle. Unlike the AMOEBA CCP model, this model features a folding rear stock, allowing you to handle it like a machine gun. With this in mind, the M4 CCR-S Airsoft includes a short vertical band to improve its maneuverability.

The battery compartment is located inside the top rail of the receiver. However, be aware that the standard battery is an 8.4v battery. On the other hand, there are some 7.6v, 8.6v batteries that might be suitable, if you can find them.

In indoor airsoft play sessions, you will be surprised by how easy it is to maneuver this airsoft gun. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use this airsoft weapon outdoors unless it is as a secondary weapon.

What are the different replicas of the M4 CCR-S available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenixairsoft, you will find two replicas of the M4 CCR-S Airsoft machine gun. It is a single replica, but with different color variations: the M4 Amoeba CCR Tactical Black and the M4 Amoeba CCR Tactical Desert. Both replicas are manufactured by ARES. In the box, the replica will be delivered with a magazine and a manual. They are designed in polymer and built on a 6 mm caliber architecture. They have an adjustable hop up allowing to increase the length of the weapon from 365 to 600 mm. Moreover, the breech is fixed. The barrel length is 105 mm. Concerning the weight, these two variants weigh about 2 kg each and have a magazine with a capacity of 300 balls.

Finally, in terms of performance, these two replicas have a power of about 1 joule.

Regarding the shooting modes, you can choose between a semi-automatic mode, an automatic mode and a safety mode.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer site

All the M4 CCR-S Airsoft replicas available in the Phenixairsoft catalog are powered by an electric motor.