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M4 Airsoft Replicas

Historical presentation of the M4

The M4 is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. Thus, the M4 has almost the same characteristics as the M16A2. It is a rifle deployed in large quantities in the US Army. It replaces the M16 rifle that equipped combat units and the U.S. Marine Corps as the primary infantry and service weapon.

The M4 was officially deployed to the U.S. Army in 1994. In fact, the M4 was the weapon that equipped U.S. troops deployed to Kosovo in 1999 in support of the KFOR peacekeeping force. Subsequently, the M4 rifle has successfully replaced most of the machine guns and handguns in the U.S. armed forces. The M4 offered many advantages. It is more accurate and has a better penetration capability in modern body armor.

Features of the M4 Airsoft

The first advantage of the M4 Airsoft is the presence of many customization rails. It also benefits from excellent manufacturing quality and a modern design. The materials used for the design of the replica are high-end products.

The M4 airsoft is primarily aimed at players who are looking for an economical and functional airsoft replica. Its impressive features are combined with a unique quality of finish, making it a perfect choice for any airsoft player. The main factor contributing to the affordability of the M4 airsoft replica is the plastic housing that covers the replica. But this plastic case is tough and durable. In fact, it is a fiberglass reinforced plastic.

In short, the M4 airsoft is an excellent airsoft gun. It can easily compete with the best airsoft guns on the market.

What are the different M4 replicas available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenixairsoft, you can find more than a hundred replicas of the M4 airsoft, including replicas made by Cyma, Ares, Jing Gong, ICS, S&T or Swiss Arms.

Cyma replicas

Among the Cyma replicas available in Phenixairsoft's catalog, we will mention the M4 URX 11" which benefits from a desert finish. This replica has a length of 920 mm for a weight of 2.5 kg and a magazine with a capacity of 300 balls. It delivers a power of 1.4 joule for a rate of fire around 390 FPS. The motor is a long shaft motor. There is also the M4 RX Fiber Body 11" Black which is also 920 mm long, but with a slightly higher weight, namely 2.9 kg and a power of 1.6 joule.

ARES replicas

On Phenixairsoft, you can also find several ARES replicas of the M4 airsoft. We particularly appreciate the M4-AA Amoeba Pro CQB which benefits from a desert finish. It has a length of 755 mm and weighs 2.6 kg. The power deployed by this airsoft replica is 0.8 joule.  This power coupled with a long axis motor allows it to reach a rate of fire of 300 FPS. We can also mention the M4-AA Amoeba Pro Black with a length of 870 mm and a weight of 2.6 kg. This replica deploys a power of 0.9 joule.

The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

All the M4 replicas available on Phenixairsoft are equipped with a propulsion mechanism powered by electricity.