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Réplique USP Airsoft

Short history of the USP

The USP is a semi-automatic pistol developed in Germany by the firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (H&K). H&K began design work on a new line of pistols in 1989 to replace the P7 generation. This new generation was intended for the US markets. The USP prototypes actually participated in rigorous testing. The weapon was refined in 1992 following these tests, and the final version was presented in December of the same year. The USP was officially introduced in January 1993 with the basic USP40 version.

USP Airsoft specifics

The USP Airsoft has all the characteristics of an excellent airsoft handgun. It is accurate, reliable and balanced to give you unmatched mobility on the market. The grip is immediate and it is suitable for both close quarters combat and long range shooting. In addition, the USP airsoft grip is optimized by a metal/ABS or metal/polymer design. This almost all-metal composition offers the feel of a real weapon.

The USP airsoft also features a very smooth and fast reacting trigger. In addition, the magazine release button is effective and makes reloading easy.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenixairsoft, there are different variants of the USP Airsoft replica. We are going to present some of them. It should be noted right away that all USP Airsoft variants have a caliber of 6 mm and an internal barrel diameter of 6.08 mm.

USP Fixed Gas (STTI)

The first variant we're going to talk about is the USP Fixed Gas (STTI). It is a black variant made of metal/ABS that weighs about 600 g and has a length of 198 mm. It has a magazine with a capacity of 25 balls which is gas-operated. It should be noted that the breech of the USP Fixed Gas (STTI) and its Hop Up are fixed. Performance-wise, the USP Fixed Gas (STTI) does quite well with a velocity of 350 FPS and a power of 1.1 joules.

USP Tactical Fixed Gas (STTI)

The USP Tactical Fixed Gas (STTI) is the second variant that runs on gas. It has the same power and operating characteristics as the USP Fixed Gas (STTI); the only difference is that the Tactical version is much longer (245 mm) and much heavier (630 g).


The Cyma USP AEP is the only electric variant of the USP airsoft available on Phenixairsoft. It is 196mm long and weighs approximately 650g. Its magazine has a capacity of 30 pellets and benefits from an adjustable Hop Up, but a fixed breech. As far as power is concerned, this variant deploys 0.4 joules, which gives a ball movement speed after the shot of 220 FPS.

The different mechanisms offered on Phenix Airsoft

At Phenix Airsoft, USP airsoft replicas are gas, CO2 or electrically powered. The variants that run on gas are the USP Fixed Gas (STTI) and USP Tactical Fixed Gas (STTI). Only the variant that uses electricity as operating energy is the Cyma USP AEP. Finally, the airsoft USP VFC H&K USP Blowback runs on CO2. We notice that the Cyma USP AEP variant is less powerful than those running on gas and CO2 (0.4 joules against 1.1 joules).