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Sniper Amoeba Striker Airsoft Replicas

Short historical presentation of AMOEBA

Striker AMOEBA is a manufacturer of airsoft replicas since 2014. With the development of many innovations and its technological know-how, AMOEBA has developed an electronic fire control system that opens a new chapter in the airsoft market. In 2016, the AMOEBA Striker series (AS-01) was introduced to the market and became a sensation among airsoft enthusiasts. With continuous efforts and investments, AMOEBA guarantees to provide the best products to airsoft enthusiasts. With over a hundred parts, the AMOEBA Striker line of sniper rifles provides unlimited combinations that allow each person to assemble a single custom Striker airsoft sniper rifle.

AMOEBA Striker Airsoft Features

When you first take the AMOEBA Striker airsoft replica into your hands, you will immediately notice that it looks like a real, high-quality steel rifle. The polymer stock has a nice texture and offers a stiff grip. This is what you would expect from a real rifle with a synthetic stock. Both outdoors and indoors, this airsoft sniper rifle was designed to be modular. The stock can be adapted in many ways with different grip sections, recoil pads to fit the user. The main selling point of this airsoft replica is its practicality. The internal components use commonly used components for upgrading a u gun to use AEG springs. This gives you many VSR-10 optypes. Normally, most airsoft sniper rifles are proprietary items or use parts that are still hard to find. The AMOEBA Striker airsoft sniper rifle is accurate and has excellent performance. Arming the Striker is much easier due to the shorter draw than traditional airsoft sniper rifles. This makes the Striker ideal for faster shooting with a bolt action rifle. It should be noted that no sights are included so you will need to get a sight as soon as you get this rifle. This airsoft sniper rifle is equipped with a Picatinny rail that will allow you to install just about any sight. The magazine of the AMOEBA Striker airoft sniper rifle is a detachable .45 to allow for quick reloads. Since the magazine is larger than normal, it is easier to grip.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

At Phenix airsoft, the AMOEBA Striker airsfot sniper rifle is offered in 4 colors: black, desert, and olive drab and urban gray. Regardless of the color you choose, here are the common features of the different variants of the AMOEBA Striker airsoft sniper rifle. Each airsoft replica weighs about 2.4 kg and is 1085 mm long. It has a magazine of 55 balls and has an adjustable Hop Up. In terms of power, you will benefit from 1.1 joules for a velocity of 350 FPS on average. The different mechanisms that are offered on the customer's site

The replicas of the AMOEBA Striker airsoft sniper rifle that are present in the Phenix airsoft catalog all work with a spring system. Of course, it is possible to adapt AEG springs to obtain much more velocity.