List of products by brand Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger is a renowned airsoft brand in the field of military equipment and professional police. It stands out by offering superior products and exceptional functionality. The brand focuses on the complete development of its products based on the specific needs and requirements of users. 

From prototype design to mass production, all Tasmanian Tiger items are manufactured in the company’s own facilities. This approach ensures a high and consistent level of quality for each product. Each step of the production process, from the purchase of materials to the manufacture and final controls, is carefully defined and regularly monitored by independent test centers, in accordance with international standards. 

In order to maintain impeccable quality, each item undergoes rigorous control before leaving the production plant and is assigned a serial number, which is then registered in the company’s exclusive database. This approach guarantees the traceability of each Tasmanian Tiger product. 

Thanks to its commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail, Tasmanian Tiger has become a recognized brand to provide reliable and durable equipment to professionals in the military and police sector. Whether for the most intense missions or the most demanding situations, Tasmanian Tiger products offer unwavering confidence and exceptional performance. 

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