Lunettes "Lancer" (SwissEye)

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Lunettes "Lancer" (SwissEye).

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Set your sights on the Lunettes "Lancer" (SwissEye), the ultimate eye protection in the world of protective glasses. Specifically designed by renowned brand, SwissEye, these airsoft goggles offer an unmatched combination of comfort, protection, and style.

The Lunettes "Lancer" comes in a sleek, black color, perfectly suited to any environment. The robust frames are meticulously crafted to house the durable polycarbonate lenses, ensuring maximum eye safety under extreme conditions.

Tailored to meet user-specific requirements, the lenses come in different shades including colorless/transparent, yellow, smoked/black, and orange. These varied lens colors provide optimal visibility in each unique lighting condition, giving users a winning edge in performance.

SwissEye's Lunettes "Lancer" is renowned for meeting high-quality standards such as STANAG 4296, STANAG 2920 and EN 1836:2005+A1:2007. These certifications stand as a testament to their resilience and reliability when it comes to eye protection.

Equipped with an anti-fog feature, these goggles assure clear vision at all times, even in the most challenging weather conditions. This advanced feature enhances user experience, allowing them to focus on their mission without distractions.

The Lunettes "Lancer" scores high in both functionality and fashion, setting the bar high for protective glasses. Whether you're tackling an intense airsoft battle or navigating through a tricky training terrain, SwissEye's Lunettes "Lancer" guarantees you the ultimate protection with style.

Experience the difference with the Lunettes "Lancer" (SwissEye) – where safety meets style!

Airsoft goggles
Lens material
Glass color
Colorless / Transparent
Smoked / Black
Standards of glasses
EN 1836:2005+A1:2007

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