Protection Mask GX-1000 (101 Inc)

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Protection Mask GX-1000 (101 Inc).


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Stay protected during your Airsoft games with the Protection Mask GX-1000 by 101 Inc, a trusted name in the field of protective gear. This mask is a game-changer, delivering essential eye protection without sacrificing comfort or style.

The mask is meticulously crafted with robust polymer material and comes in an attractive black color that suits any combat suit. The GX-1000 doesn't compromise on quality or safety; the lenses are made from sturdy polycarbonate. These lenses assure extended longevity and high impact resistance, perfect for intense airsoft matches.

This innovative protective mask comes fitted with interchangeable lenses, offering three glass colors: colorless/transparent, yellow, and smoked/black. The transparent glass allows you to maintain clear vision, while the yellow and smoked options are perfect for various weather and light conditions. These easily switchable lenses mean the mask can adapt to meet your needs no matter the circumstances.

A highlight feature is the Anti-Fog technology embedded in the glasses. This ensures clear visibility at all times, allowing you to concentrate on your strategy.

Available in multiple colors (Black, Tan, OD) and varied tints of lenses (Transparent, Transparent/Yellow/Smoked), this protective mask offers the versatility that all airsoft enthusiasts crave. Along with its wide compatibility, it provides premium protection and style, making the Protection Mask GX-1000 (101 Inc) a must-have.

In the category of Protective Glasses, the Protection Mask GX-1000 (101 Inc) stands out as an exceptional blend of security and functionality, enabling you to get your game on with confidence!

Choose the Protection Mask GX-1000 (101 Inc) today for unrivaled safety and performance on the airsoft field.

101 Inc
Airsoft protective mask
Lens material
Glass color
Colorless / Transparent
Smoked / Black

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