SP2022 Co2 Gen2 Fiber Charger (Cybergun)

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SP2022 Co2 Gen2 Fiber magazin (Cybergun)


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Introducing the SP2022 Co2 Gen2 Fiber Charger (Cybergun), a premium product from the renowned brands Cybergun and Swiss Arms. This airsoft loader is specifically designed for those who value quality and performance in their gaming gear.

The SP2022 Co2 Gen2 Fiber Charger stands out with its robust construction. The material used in its making is Metal, ensuring durability and longevity of use. It comes in an attractive shade of Black, which adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

One of the key features of this model is that it operates on Co2 propulsion. This ensures smooth operation and consistent performance, even under demanding conditions. Depending on temperature variations, we recommend using a Co2 cartridge 12Gr for optimal results.

This model has been engineered keeping user convenience in mind. It boasts a magazine capacity of 15, allowing you to enjoy your game without frequent reloads. However, please note that this model does not come with a BlowBack feature.

Another notable aspect about the SP2022 Co2 Gen2 Fiber Charger is its caliber size - it measures at 6mm. This means it can handle most standard airsoft ammunition with ease, providing you with versatile usage options.

Belonging to the category of Other Co2 Charger Airsoft, this product embodies superior craftsmanship and design innovation that both Cybergun and Swiss Arms are known for.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an airsoft loader that combines reliability, performance, and style – look no further than the SP2022 Co2 Gen2 Fiber Charger (Cybergun). Experience the difference today!

Swiss Arms
Airsoft loader
Recommended gas depending on temperature
Co2 cartridge 12Gr
Caliber (in mm)
Magazine Capacity

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