M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
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M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)
M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)

M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)

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M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE)


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Introducing the M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE), a top-notch airsoft gun that embodies both style and performance. Crafted by renowned brand WE, this model takes inspiration from the classic Mauser M712, combining history with modern technology.

Constructed from high-quality Polymer and robust Metal, it boasts durability and longevity. The black color adds an aesthetic appeal to its overall look. It features an adjustable Hop-Up system for increased accuracy and control over shot placement.

The propulsion of this airsoft gun is gas-based, ensuring consistent power output in every shot. Depending on temperature conditions, we recommend using different PSI levels of gas - 150 PSI, 145 PSI, 120 PSI / ExtremeGas or 130 PSI / Ultrair / Protech / H&K Umarex / Nuprol 2.0 for optimal performance.

This model exhibits an energy level of approximately ~1.2 Joule and a power capacity of ~350 FPS, providing ample force for your airsoft games. With a caliber size of 6mm, it uses either 0.23g or 0.25g balls advisedly.

One standout feature is the impressive magazine capacity of 26 rounds, offering you extended playtime before needing to reload. Plus, it's equipped with a realistic blowback action which adds authenticity to your gaming experience.

With three shooting modes: Security/Semi-Automatic/Full Automatic at your disposal, you can adapt to any situation on the field quickly. Measuring at a length of 300mm and weighing just about 1.3 Kg, it's compact yet balanced enough for easy handling during intense battles.

Experience the thrill of historical warfare with our M712 Gas Blowback ww2 (WE) – where past meets present!

airsoft gun
Mauser M712
Recommended gas depending on temperature
120 PSI / ExtremeGas
130 PSI / Ultrair / Protech / H&K Umarex / Nuprol 2.0
145 PSI
150 PSI
Energy (in Joule)
Power (in FPS)
Caliber (in mm)
Advisor balls (in Gr)
Magazine Capacity
Length (in mm)
Weight (in Kg)
shooting mode
Security / Semi Automatic / Full Automatic

WE Airsoft is a leading brand in the airsoft world, known for its commitment to innovation and quality. Since launching their Advanced Weaponry Simulator System (AWSS) in 2008, WE has positioned itself as a major player in reprogramming realistic gas return platforms. 

The main objective of WE Airsoft is to redefine the use of these realistic gas return platforms as viable training options for professionals, such as military and law enforcement. Thanks to AWSS’s advanced technology, these essential players can benefit from a realistic and immersive training experience, simulating real-life situations using high-quality replica firearms. 

In addition to the professional aspect, WE Airsoft also offers a unique experience to airsoft enthusiasts. Enthusiasts of this sport can enjoy the quality and performance of the AWSS during their gaming sessions. WE Airsoft replica guns offer a realistic feel and smooth operation, adding an authentic dimension to every game. 

WE Airsoft’s success is based on their commitment to continuous innovation. The company is constantly investing in the research and development of new technologies to further improve the customer experience. Their products are known for their reliability and durability, guaranteeing excellent performance with every use. 

By choosing WE Airsoft, you are opting for a trusted brand, committed to providing high quality products and an unprecedented gaming experience. Whether you are a professional looking to train realistically or an airsoft enthusiast passionate about authenticity, WE Airsoft is here to meet all your needs. 

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