H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
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H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)
H&K G3 GBBR Gaz (VFC / Umarex)

H&K G3 GBBR Gas (VFC / Umarex)

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H&K G3 GBBR Gas (VFC / Umarex)

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Chronopost and Colissimo

A perfectly reproduced airsoft version of the Heckler & Koch G3A3 assault rifle, made like the original in steel, hand guard handle and stock are in green polymer. Thanks to the cooperation of the Umarex company with VFC and the manufacturer's license, the replica is perfectly made, both mechanically and aesthetically, and bears all the marks of the original.

A replica of the legendary rifle used around the world for over half a century, one of the icons of firearms, just like the AK-47 or the MP5, was manufactured in the same way as the original - thanks to the steel stamping technique, the steel design guarantees extremely high realism.

Through the use of the gas feed system it was possible to obtain a good representation of the operation of the real rifle and to use a perfect recoil system. The charging handle functions in the same way as the original and allows the slide to be locked in the rear position. This makes it easy to adjust the HopUp system.

H&K sights allow you to adapt to your immediate needs. The rotating system allows you to choose between short distances and the visor gradually adjustable in 3 positions.

A massive magazine containing a green gas chamber can hold, as in the original, 20 rounds of ammunition. You can use a lever or button to release it.

The rifle is equipped with holes for the fixing systems: buckle for HK type buckles and space for the 3.175 cm strap.


The HK G3 (G3 for "Gewehr 3" in German, "rifle 3" in French) is an assault rifle developed by the German firm Heckler & Koch.

Renowned for its great reliability, the G3 was widely used within the armed forces of the Third World. However, it is a heavy and bulky rifle and fires powerful ammunition (7.62x51 mm NATO).

The G3 has been produced for a long time and used for many regular armies including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, Portugal, Thailand, Turkey. It was adopted by around fifty countries over forty years.

Official License
Yes with Marking
Airsoft rifle
Recommended gas depending on temperature
130 PSI / Ultrair / Protech / H&K Umarex / Nuprol 2.0
Energy (in Joule)
Power (in FPS)
Caliber (in mm)
Advisor balls (in Gr)
Magazine Capacity
Scroll wheel
Length (in mm)
Internal barrel length (in mm)
Weight (in Kg)
shooting mode
Security / Semi Automatic / Full Automatic
Thread for Silencer
14mm- (counterclockwise)

UMAREX FRANCE is a subsidiary of the company UMAREX, the world leader in the manufacture and sale of replica arms over the counter, as well as the main importer of air guns in Europe. With numerous licenses granted by prestigious brands such as Beretta, Browning, Colt, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Walther, and many others, UMAREX is recognized for the quality and authenticity of its products. 

Thanks to its unrivalled experience and expertise, UMAREX FRANCE is committed to providing airsoft enthusiasts with faithful and high-performance weapon replicas. Whether for the pleasure of the game or for leisure activities, UMAREX replicas offer a realistic and safe shooting experience. 

The UMAREX FRANCE team is distinguished by its passion for airsoft and its in-depth knowledge of the market. Always attentive to the needs of its customers, the company offers a wide range of products adapted to all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. 

By trusting UMAREX FRANCE, you are guaranteed to benefit from first-class customer service, superior quality products and replica weapons that meet the most demanding safety standards. 

Whether you are an airsoft enthusiast, a collector or simply looking for an entertaining activity, UMAREX FRANCE is here to offer you a unique and exciting experience. Discover now our wide range of replica weapons and dive into the captivating world of airsoft alongside UMAREX FRANCE. 

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