Modify Canon 6.03 Hybrid 141mm w/ Joint

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Modify Canon de précision hybride d'un d'iamètre de 6.03mm & d"une longueur de 141mm.


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Fabricant : Modify
Type : Canon de précision
Modèle : Hybrid
Longueur : 141mm
Diamètre : 6.03mm
Inclu : Modify Joint Hop Up Hybride + Joint O-Ring anti vibration



Le canon est fabriqué en deux parties, la première dans un acier haut de gamme et la seconde directement taillé dans la masse d'un bloc d'alluminium d'excélente qualité. L'acier à pour but d'apporter l'étanchétié et la résistance à la torsion, compression, à la chaleur ainsi qu'à l'usure de façon optimale. Il en est de même pour le canon en aluminium. Les résultats sont bleuffant, installé avec le joint spécial hybrid conçu avec 3 crantages, ce dernier offre une parfaite étanchéité. Ce que d'autres n'ont pas tout à fait réussie, Modify l'a atteint et même dépassé.

Modify Airsoft Gun
Airsoft Precision Cannon
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From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of watch parts, Modify has come a long way to becoming one of the leading airsoft manufacturers in the industry. The company has built a solid reputation for quality and innovation, helping to make Taiwan the airsoft capital of the world. 

With a team of experienced technicians, Modify has leveraged its expertise in the manufacture of precision components to embark on the design and production of exceptional airsoft guns. Thanks to its previous experience in the watchmaking field, the company was able to bring unparalleled precision and attention to detail to its airsoft products. 

By focusing on the quality guarantee "made in Taiwan", Modify has set up strict quality control standards to ensure that every product that leaves its factory is of impeccable quality. This meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence has earned Modify worldwide recognition as a leading manufacturer in airsoft. 

In addition to its commitment to quality, Modify also stands out for its ability to innovate and introduce constant improvements in its products. Through rigorous research and development, the company is able to push the limits of the performance and reliability of its airsoft guns, thus offering an incomparable playing experience to airsoft enthusiasts. 

Over the years, Modify has managed to build a strong network of partners and distributors around the world, demonstrating the confidence the airsoft industry has in the brand. By working closely with its customers and listening carefully to their needs, Modify is able to provide products and services tailored to the specific requirements of each market. 

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