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HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
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HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal
HFC HG-195 Deagle Metal

Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Black (HFC)

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Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Black (HFC)


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Introducing the Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Black (HFC), a top-tier airsoft gun from the renowned brand HFC. This product is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced players who are seeking an authentic shooting experience.

The Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Black (HFC) boasts of impressive features that make it stand out in its category. The airsoft gun operates on gas propulsion, specifically recommended to use 130 PSI / Ultrair / Protech / H&K Umarex / Nuprol 2.0 depending on temperature conditions. It's crafted with high-quality materials such as metal and nylon fibre, ensuring durability and longevity.

This model comes in a sleek black color, adding to its overall appeal. With an adjustable Hop-Up feature, you can easily control the trajectory of your shots. The energy output is approximately ~1 Joule while the power measures at around ~310 FPS.

What sets this Desert Eagle model apart is its caliber size of 6mm and its advised ball weights ranging from 0.20g to 0.25g which provide different shooting experiences based on your preference. Furthermore, it has a magazine capacity of 23 rounds - ample enough for extended play sessions without frequent reloading.

One key feature that enhances realism is the BlowBack mechanism; this simulates recoil giving users a more immersive experience during gameplay or practice sessions. Its length measures at 270mm with an internal barrel diameter of 6.08mm and length of 136mm.

Despite these robust features, the Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Black (HFC) maintains a manageable weight of just about 1.1 Kg making it easy to handle even during prolonged usage periods.

In terms of safety and functionality, this model offers two shooting modes: Security/Semi Automatic allowing you flexibility based on your playing style or scenario requirements.

To sum up, if you're looking for a reliable, high-performing airsoft gun that offers an authentic shooting experience, the Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Black (HFC) is your go-to choice. It combines top-notch features with exceptional build quality to deliver unmatched performance in its category.

airsoft gun
Desert Eagle
Recommended gas depending on temperature
130 PSI / Ultrair / Protech / H&K Umarex / Nuprol 2.0
nylon fibre
Energy (in Joule)
Power (in FPS)
Caliber (in mm)
Advisor balls (in Gr)
Magazine Capacity
Length (in mm)
Internal Barrel Diameter (in mm)
Internal barrel length (in mm)
Weight (in Kg)
shooting mode
Security / Semi Automatic

HFC, a prestigious brand of airsoft, was created in 2004 and has specialized in the manufacture of AIR SOFT GUNS for nearly 30 years. With its experience and unwavering passion for this dynamic sport, this company has distinguished itself by offering high quality products appreciated by players around the world. 

By taking an innovative approach and focusing on customer satisfaction, HFC quickly established itself as a leader in the airsoft industry. Thanks to the commitment of its talented team, the brand has developed a varied range of airsoft guns that meet the expectations of players of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced players. 

HFC’s success is based on two key factors: quality and innovation. By using sustainable materials and incorporating advanced technologies, HFC guarantees the reliability and precision of its products. In addition, the brand continues to explore new avenues of research to offer players increasingly immersive and realistic gaming experiences. 

Over the years, HFC has established strong partnerships with airsoft experts, including professional players and renowned teams. These collaborations have allowed the brand to continuously improve its products according to the needs and requirements of the field. Thus, each HFC airsoft gun is designed to offer an optimal level of performance, allowing players to meet all the challenges and experience intense moments on the field. 

As a committed brand, HFC also pays special attention to safety and compliance with international standards. Each airsoft gun is subjected to rigorous testing before being marketed, ensuring safe use for players. 

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