Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
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Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)
Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)

Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "(ASG 17477)

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ASG Metal Revolver Dan Wesson 8 "Black Color Version -


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Introducing the Revolver Dan Wesson 8" (ASG 17477), a high-quality airsoft gun from renowned brand ASG. This full metal replica weapon is perfect for those who value authenticity and performance in their airsoft experience.

The Revolver Dan Wesson 8" operates on Co2 propulsion, utilizing a standard 12Gr Co2 cartridge. This power source ensures consistent operation across various temperature conditions, making it an ideal choice for all-weather gameplay.

This revolver comes in a sleek black color that adds to its realistic appeal. The fixed Hop-Up enhances accuracy during shooting, ensuring you hit your target every time. With an energy output of approximately ~1 Joule and power reaching up to ~330 FPS, this model provides impressive performance without compromising safety.

Designed with precision in mind, the Revolver Dan Wesson uses a caliber of 6mm. For optimal results, we recommend using balls weighing between 0.23 Gr and 0.25 Gr.

Unlike many other models on the market, this revolver has a magazine capacity of six rounds, offering you ample shots before needing to reload. Although it doesn't feature BlowBack action, its semi-automatic shooting mode more than makes up for it by providing rapid-fire capability while maintaining excellent control.

Weighing just about 1 Kg and measuring at a length of 338 mm, this revolver is comfortable to handle even during extended periods of play. It's designed with Picatinny rail type for easy attachment of accessories but does not come with thread for silencer.

To sum up, the Revolver Dan Wesson 8" (ASG 17477) offers superior quality and outstanding performance in one package - an ideal addition to any airsoft enthusiast's collection!

airsoft gun
Revolver Magnum
Recommended gas depending on temperature
Co2 cartridge 12Gr
Full Metal
Energy (in Joule)
Power (in FPS)
Caliber (in mm)
Advisor balls (in Gr)
Magazine Capacity
Rail type
Length (in mm)
Weight (in Kg)
shooting mode
Security / Semi Automatic
Thread for Silencer

Action Sport Game (ASG) is a renowned brand in the airsoft industry. Based in Denmark, it is recognized for providing a wide range of quality equipment to airsoft enthusiasts and enthusiasts worldwide. 

ASG stands out for its collaboration with major brands such as Dan Wesson, which is famous for its high-precision revolvers. These replica firearms are particularly prized by players for their realism and exceptional performance on the field. 

The ASG brand is committed to providing reliable and innovative products, thus guaranteeing an unforgettable gaming experience. It pays particular attention to detail, ergonomic design and technological development of each product. Dan Wesson revolvers, for example, combine impeccable workmanship with advanced features, giving users exceptional precision and power during airsoft games. 

As a respected airsoft supplier, ASG also focuses on safety. The brand ensures its products meet the highest safety standards, giving players peace of mind when they embark on their adventures. 

Whether for casual players or professional competitors, ASG provides a wide variety of replica firearms, accessories and equipment needed to live realistic and intense fights. The brand is proud of its heritage of excellence and its ability to meet the needs of airsoft enthusiasts around the world. 

In short, ASG is a renowned brand in the field of airsoft, known for its quality, realism and exceptional performance. Through its collaboration with brands like Dan Wesson, ASG offers an unparalleled gaming experience and continues to meet the expectations of the most demanding players. 

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