Chargeur AK74 / RK74 115 Billes Transparent (G&G)

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AK74 / RK74 115 Round Transparent Charger (G&G)


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Introducing the Chargeur AK74 / RK74 115 Billes Transparent (G&G), a unique addition to our expansive range of products in the AK Series Charger Airsoft category. This product stands out with its exceptional design and high-quality construction that guarantees longevity and superior performance.

The Chargeur AK74 / RK74 115 Billes Transparent (G&G) is an impressive representation of a replica weapon. Its transparency feature allows you to visually track your ammunition count, adding an extra layer of realism and excitement to your airsoft games. The clear casing is not just for aesthetics; it also serves as a practical function by letting you know when it's time to reload.

One notable characteristic of this model is its capacity. It can hold up to 115 billes, providing you with ample shots before needing a refill. This means less reloading time and more action on the battlefield. The AK74 / RK74 model ensures compatibility with various airsoft guns within the same series, offering versatility for different game scenarios.

We have crafted this charger keeping user convenience in mind. Its lightweight yet robust build ensures easy handling without compromising durability. Whether you're engaged in intense combat or practicing target shooting, the Chargeur AK74 / RK74 115 Billes Transparent (G&G) promises reliability round after round.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable charger that combines functionality, style, and convenience - look no further than the Chargeur AK74 / RK74 115 Billes Transparent (G&G)! We assure you that this product will enhance your airsoft experience like never before!

Note: Always handle any replica weapon responsibly and follow all safety guidelines associated with its use.

G&G Armament, created in 1986, is an emblematic brand in the field of airsoft. In her early days, she was mainly dedicated to representing Japanese brands and marketing airsoft products. However, in 2001, G&G decided to mark its territory by launching its own brand. 

Since then, G&G has become a reference in the airsoft industry, distinguished by its realistic and high-quality replica guns. This brand has developed a diversified range of products, ranging from electric guns to gas guns and CO2 guns. 

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Today, G&G Armament represents more than just an airsoft brand. It embodies passion, expertise and commitment to excellence. With a solid reputation and a commitment to constant innovation, G&G continues to dominate the airsoft industry, delivering unparalleled gaming experiences through its superior replicas. 

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