WELL MB04D type L96 Tactical OD

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Well sniper rifle MB04D OD - Same ASG AW308 - GLASS & BIPIED INCLUDED - Same as Cybergun Pauser SR Pro - L96 compatible.

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Technical sheet :

Manufacturer: Well

Designation: MB04D Type L96 OD Tactical

Material: Metal / Polymer

Length: 1134 mm

Internal barrel length: 495 mm

Power: 1 Joule Clamp - 1.9 joules unbridled

Type: Spring

Bipod & Bezel included.

Reply :

With aggressive ergonomics, the replica will appeal to both beginners and experienced players. The replica comes with an adjustable bipod and an adjustable 3-9X40 bezel. On the internal side, there are L96-compatible components for improved performance. Originally planned for the Asian market, the replica does not exceed 1J, however, it is not difficult to remedy.



Upgrade hypothesis:


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The AW - 338 or "Accuracy Internatiol Arctic Warfare" is from the family of manual re - arming sniper rifles. Made and designed by the English company "Accuracy International", the rifle has been popularized and approved by police and army snipers since its introduction in the 80's. It was popularized by the Counter game -Strike, named the AWP in the game, for its effectiveness, 1 shot, 1 frag.

Well is a Chinese brand, specializing in replica sniper bolt springs. 

Their varied catalog and their inexpensive replicas allow them to be known by many.

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