S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
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S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26
S & T ZB-26

S & T ZB-26 Metal & Wood

€699.90 699.90

S & T / Ares ZB26 or ZB-26. Replica of the Second World War in Full Metal & Genuine Wood Lacrosse - Supplied with Battery & Battery Charger.

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Technical sheet :

Manufacturer: Ares / S & T
Material: Metal & Wood
Type: ZB26 or ZB-26
Magazine Capacity: ~ 600 Balls
Hop Up: Adjustable
Power: 330-360 FPS (about 1.3 Joules)
Weight: 5800g
Length: 1200mm
Internal Barrel: 650mm
Supplied with: Metal Bipod + Battery Included 9.6v + Battery Charger


In 1924, the engineer Vaclav Holek creates the LK 24. Modernized, this FM becomes the Lehký kulomet ZB vz. 26 (for submachine gun ZB model 1926) regulated in the Czechoslovak army until the invasion of the country by the Third Reich in 1938. The weapon was perfected in 1930 to become the ZB-30. The robust and efficient weapon sells well. Despite the appearance of this improved version, the FM Mle 26 did not disappear from the production lines of the Zbrojovka Brno in Brno. During the Second World War, it was built ZB26 on behalf of the Wehrmacht. These weapons are referenced as MG 26 (t) or "machine-gun" (MG = MaschinenGewehr = "machine-gun": exactly the MG 26 = Maschinengeweh leichtes = "light machine-gun" model 1926) of Czechoslovak nationality. Similarly, the ZB-30 is renamed MG 30 (t) or MG 30 (j) if it is a Yugoslav model taken from the enemy. In addition to Czechoslovakia, the ZB-26 and / or ZB-30 has been widely used in Europe the following nations: Albania, Germany, Spain, France, Lithuania, Sweden,USSR and Yugoslavia. In Asia, the FM armed Saudi Arabia with Turkey, Iran, Japan, China (KMT) and Viet Cong. In Africa, they experienced fire at the hands of Algerian fighters (ALN) and Ethiopians. They were even exported to Peru. In Turkish, Lithuanian and Swedish cases, these are direct sales approved by the Prague Government. In the Chinese case, Romanian and Yugoslav, it is a licensed production. Germany has used weapons of Czechoslovak and Yugoslav origin. In the German, Russian, Japanese and French cases, these are weapons captured on the enemy during WW2 and Indochina.


* Non-contractual photo, the markings are not present./ P>

S&T Armament is a renowned manufacturer of airsoft parts and accessories. With its exceptional know-how, the brand has particularly distinguished itself in the field of airsoft replicas of the First and Second World War. With a passion for history and an unparalleled attention to detail, S&T Armement offers replica models with authentic precision. 

The airsoft replicas of WW1 and WW2 of S&T Armement are known for their striking realism. Designed with a deep respect for the original weapons and a meticulous search for raw materials, these replicas are a living tribute to historical fighters. By using high quality materials and adhering to the highest standards, S&T Armament guarantees the durability and resistance of its products. 

In addition, S&T Armament also offers a wide range of parts and accessories that allow airsoft enthusiasts to upgrade their replicas according to their individual preferences. Whether it’s additional chargers, precision guns or ergonomic handles, the brand offers various options to customize and optimize the performance of replicas. 

Thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity, S&T Armement has established itself as a major player in the airsoft industry. Whether you are a passionate collector or an intense player, S&T Armement is here to offer you the best airsoft experience, offering you replicas of impeccable quality and unprecedented realism. 

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