S & T Bar M1918 Full Metal & Wood

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S & T Bar M1918 A2 - World War II replica - Full Metal & Wood - Supplied with Battery + Battery Charger

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Technical sheet :

Manufacturer: S & T
Material: Metal and Wood
Type: Bar M1918 A2

Magazine Capacity: 190 Balls
Hop Up: Adjustable
Power: 330-360 FPS (about 1.3 Joules)
Weight: 5000g
Length: 1200mm
Internal barrel: 500mm

Comes with :
World War II style
Battery Included 9.6V

Metal Bipod


Replica of the famous Bar M1918 used during the Second World War, the Korean War and finally during the Vietnam War
Terribly realistic
Assembling the outer barrel "Full Metal"
Body "Full Metal"
"Full Metal" trigger
Sighting organ "Full Metal"
Hand guard & wood butt

the replica fires only in full automatic


The 1918A2 BAR is probably the most produced BAR.
It is produced from 1940 to 1945 by IBM and New England Small Arms Corporationblending six firms to provide military demand).
It differs from previous by the addition of a tubular support mounted on the butt (behind the grenadiere).
The bipod, fixed in front of the handlebar on the flame shield, has pads.
The front, even smaller, incorporates a metal plate heat dissipation.
The rise is now borrowed from the Browning machine gun.
The selector of the M1918 and M1918A1 gives way to a regulator of rate of fire.
During the Second World War, the weapon is further modified by a final shortening of the front with new gripping grooves, a synthetic stock, a governor of borrowing gases. At the end of 1944, a handful of transport appeared.

This version was used after 1945 during the Korean War (reworked by Royal McBee Typewriter Co). .
The ARVN made him know the fire again between 1964 and 1975.
Taiwan and many South American countries still have BAR in their reserves.

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